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  1. Please do not reopen a 5 year old thread, instead starting your own is the preferred method. To answer your question, the law does not require decisions to be "fair" whatever that means. You as did the poster whose thread you tagged onto, have no legal basis to sue your employer based on its promotion decision. either move on or live with it.
  2. But someone had to sign a warrant in order for the judge to sign off on it. Correct! No, the judge signed the warrant, he/she is the only one who could, following your hearing in which the doctors, I assume, testified.
  3. Just for your information, neither were to doing 90 mph Both were actually doing less than 86 mph. Perhaps this is something you should have mentioned in your initial posting, we cannot read minds. Read before you comment please Perhaps you could give us something to read or refer us to something to read, other than two vague sentences before you chastise the volunteers for not reading.
  4. The office of the public defender.
  5. doucar

    peeping tom

    Such a law, probably part of the zoning laws, would be difficult to enforce, since where do you measure it from? Is he on the uphill side from you or the downhill side from you, Generally the restrictions are from the property line to the side of the house, or the side set back line. Very few cities or counties would want to get into measuring height. You best solution is to add a trellis to the top of your fence, to block his view.
  6. While I agree with retiredinVA, and don't generally tip on take out orders, if a customer chooses to tip, I believe it should be shared among all tipped employees. Not a legal opinion, just a personal one.
  7. No where near enough information: 1. Is there a court custody order? If so, your rights are defined by that order. If there is no custody order, we would need to know: 1. Were you married to the mother at the time the daughter was born? If not, has paternity ever been legally established. If the answer to either of the above is yes, you can file to have the child returned to Florida, unless the mother got court permission to remove the child from Florida.
  8. Just understand that if the bank learns of the account and garnishes it, it could be tied up until the hearing when you would have to prove that none of the money is yours.
  9. So how can she sell without title or his signature ? Is that really what you wanted to ask. How? because she did it and they apparently accepted it. How can the buyer live there without his premission ? They would only need one owners permission to live there, not both. Your husband is free to rent it out too, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  10. Then the answers you were given will have to suffice.
  11. doucar


    What state are you in. Oops, sorry I missed Idaho. What does driving without privileges mean?
  12. So keeping a pre-paid bank card will be my only other option until the judgment falls off of my credit report in the next 3 to 5 years? No, In Texas, judgments are initially valid for 10 years. Unless it is renewed, it expires automatically at the end of the initial 10-year period. However, a creditor can renew its judgment for another 10 years and then another 10 years after that, and so on forever.
  13. Possibly, but without some facts it would be impossible to say with any certainty..
  14. I am afraid it is your son's mistake. If he had wanted to convey it as Joint Tenants, that is what he had to do. Absent specifically specifying Joint Tenants in the quit claim deed, it is tenants in common by default, joint tenants is never assumed. Even if you and your son held title as joint tenants, a transfer by your son to you, without specifically naming you and your wife as joint tenants, would have meant tenants in common. Did your wife have a will?
  15. I first practiced law in Virginia after graduating from a law school in California. it was like first year civil procedure all over again. And if you wanted authority, if the Virginia Supreme court ruled on a matter in 1912, they saw no reason to address it again.
  16. Without input from a tax attorney, I would hesitate to say yes, since this is basically a tax issue not a debt issue, since you are not being asked to repay the debt, but report it on your income taxes as income. Seek assistance from a tax attorney.
  17. 50 U.S. Code § 781 - Repealed. Pub. L. 103–199, title VIII, § 803(1), Dec. 17, 1993, 107 Stat. 2329
  18. It is too late. Once you have plead guilty and begun your sentence, to now say It wasn't really mine isn't going to work. The question becomes, are you lying now or were you lying then and they are not going to guess to determine an appeal.
  19. Again we are going around in circles. It is not an exception it is federal law. But if a state wanted to provide protection on the basis of political affiliation, it could. Federal law says you can't be liable under federal law. It says nothing about state law.
  20. What national security exception? Basically, when the federal law is stricter than state law. say, state law did not require Miranda warnings before police questioning, but federal law does. Federal law would trump state law. If state law did not include race as a basis in its discrimination laws, but federal law does, federal law trumps state law.
  21. The rule is, you can have a stricter interpretation or standard under state law than under federal law and the state law would be valid and enforceable the opposite would not be true if you had a state law that lesser standards than federal law, the federal law would preempt the state law and be enforceable..
  22. That is why you should never take legal advise from a police officer. That may be his department's policy, but it is not the law in any state where I have practiced but since you didn't list your state we cannot be 100% sure. I agree with adjustorJack.
  23. doucar

    peeping tom

    Two suggestions. Expand your fence so that it is taller. Move. It doesn't appear that he is doing anything illegal.
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