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  1. I find no such law for menace to society in California. Are you sure this was the actual charge or just a description of you nephews behavior?
  2. Wisconsin law allows a victim to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit within: Three years of the act, or failure to act, that resulted in the injury. One year of the date on which the injury was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. The law allows the victim to use either one of the above standards, but not both. If these standards result in different deadlines then the standard which would apply is the one that provides the most time to the medical malpractice victim. Generally, a medical malpractice claim may not be filed more than five years after the act, or failure to act, that resulted in an injury—even if the medical malpractice injury was not discovered within that time.
  3. Your post is very confusing. At first you refer to it as a partnership with three partners, then you refer to them as employees, not partners and then your refer to yourself as a minority shareholder. So what is it? A partnership or corporation or other business entity? and are the three of you partners, employees or shareholders or some convoluted form of all three? Your "rights" will depend upon the type of entity this is and your and their relationship to the entity.
  4. I would impact her Medicaid, not Medicare.
  5. You have to understand that anything he owned jointly with the girlfriend, could now be hers. If she were on the bank account, which is possible because you said she took all the money out, If there was a survivorship provision on the bank accounts, then that money was hers when he died, and does not go through probate. It is facts like this that the attorneys will need to work out, it may not be as cut and dried as you think it should be.
  6. How long were you off on FMLA and when would you have been able to resume work? How many employees does you employer have at your site and within 75 miles?
  7. .What rights do we have in this situation? depends upon the terms of the agreement you entered into with your siblings. If it does not address this situation, then, based on what you posted, she is an equal co-owner of the property and entitled to stay there. If your other siblings contribute, she should be expected to contribute.
  8. Does he need to have legal precedence, case law, or other law to support his claims? Maybe, Can he represent the evidence, the emails, screenshots of the portals, and the like in order to defend his case? If you mean can he present the evidence, then yes, if he knows and understands the procedure to do so. I would recommend spending a lot of time studying local civil procedure in the law library before trial. The property owner has been unable to acquire adequate legal counsel. Unable or unwilling to pay for it? Going to a trial without an attorney when the other side has an attorney is like going to a gunfight armed with a rubber knife.
  9. You can demand anything you want to, it doesn't mean he will do anything. If your damages are in excess of 75,000.00 you can sue him in federal court in Missouri or Oklahoma. Or, generally much less complicated you can sue him in state court in Missouri or Oklahoma. You will not find many PI attorneys who regularly practice in federal court.
  10. Adoption laws are state specific and I don't believe any attorneys from Wisconsin follow these boards at this time. So the best way for you to get accurate answers, is to contact an adoption attorney in Wisconsin on Monday and get the process started. In the three states I have practiced in, a child does not have to be in the "system" to be adopted.
  11. If there were such laws, they would be local ordinances, which no one here would be familiar with, since you didn't post your state or locale.
  12. You do realize that the 19 year old is an adult and can live with or where she chooses. The 17 year old will be an adult in less than a year. If you feel they are in immediate danger, contact CPS who can remove the 17 year old, if they agree with your assessment.
  13. Since this post is over 4 years old and the original poster never returned after the initial posting, I expect this has resolved itself one way or the other long ago.
  14. Rather than rely on strangers on the internet, may I suggest you contact your local VFW or AMerican Legion post and ask to speak with a va benefits consultant, who can give you a more up to date and accurate answer.
  15. And let anyone who deals with the partnership know the limitations of the authority, or else you may wind up with an "implied authority" situation.
  16. I wouldn't count on a new court date or that they will take jail time off the table.
  17. Turn in your cell phone or look for a new job. Every policy is not required to be in a handbook nor is an employer legally obligated to follow the handbook.
  18. If none of the articles provided by PG answered your question, what exactly is it you want to know?
  19. NO, by law the survivor's benefit, if any, belongs to the surviving spouse and if married long enough surviving ex spouse and is not part of the decendent's estate and therefore not subject to the will.
  20. doucar


    It could. without knowing what other household income there is, we could not say.
  21. Depends. Is He is state prison or county jail?
  22. Two questions: How did the house get transferred to his name? What do you mean by Citibank is trying to take OUR house. What is your roll in this?
  23. Yes, while the state may have a more difficult time proving unauthorized use without your testimony beyond a reasonable doubt. The parole violation is a much lower standard, probable cause.
  24. Sorry, but no. They are only required to notify you once the vehicle is towed.
  25. When you get a response your don't care for, ignore it. No need to answer in kind. 1. PG is a lawyer. 2. He was right, anyone can sue anyone for anything. That being said, that is a far cry from saying there going to win the lawsuit, let alone survive a motion to dismiss.
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