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  1. Only if her attorney can somehow convince a judge to put it in the divorce decree, highly unlikely.
  2. small claims for the vet bills, time off of work, mileage, court costs, And iof those damages you would be entitled only to vet bills and court costs.
  3. Was he on the title or listed as a lien holder on the title?
  4. It is considered community property, the result of which is what Jack described, except if it was acquired with community funds, she is entitled to 1/2 the entire equity in the event of a divorce. If it was sold without her consent, she needs to speak with a Texas property attorney to learn her rights and how to enforce them.
  5. Every corporation should have an agent for service of process on file with the secretary of state and the way to most effectively serve the corporation is to serve the individual or entity listed with the secretary of state.
  6. To elaborate on what jack said, the power of attorney expired the moment the father died, so any activity using the power of attorney after that is void.
  7. If the mattress was defective, your option is to get it replaced. Have you tried that?
  8. Depends upon what state you are in. Very few have Lemon Laws that cover used vehicles and the disclosure laws vary from state to state. The best way a consumer can protect themselves when buying a used car is to have it inspected by a mechanic of their choosing, whether buying from a dealer or private party.
  9. first of all, if you want a step parent adoption, you will have to be married to the mother for at least a year and either get the consent of the father or have his parental rights terminated and then apply to the court for a step parent adoption. If you want to be the guardian of the child, you will have to show the court that she is an unfit mother and he would be a unfit father. She has a greater chance of obtaining full custody, but the father may and I repeat may get supervised visitation rights.
  11. No, fiduciary duties are defined by the trust and state law.
  12. what state issued the custody/visitation order? That is where the contempt must be started and that is the state that currently has jurisdiction over custody and visitation, unless either party asked the court to move it.
  13. You failed to post the state as instructed, so this will be a generic answer. No state, that I am aware of will terminate parental rights and allow a step parent adoption to go forward, absent the consent of ALL parent of the child, absent extreme circumstances. Being unable to prove abuse would not qualify. If she filed for adoption, the ex could file for contempt.
  14. The chances of someone who was similarly charged in Wisconsin, Outagamie county are between slim and none. so the advise to speak with a local defense attorney is the best we can give.
  15. I got through that giant block of text, which is hard to read. Next time, break it up into paragraphs; After reading it, I am not sure what help you are expecting from strangers on the internet, none of whom are licensed to practice in OK.
  16. I know of no law or regulation dealing with this. Have you spoken to the school about an accommodation?
  17. Yes, if Pennsylvania agrees and the other state accepts you.
  18. The trier of fact be it a judge or jury is given great latitude in determining the credibility of witnesses, and won't be overturned on appeal.
  19. If you have a legitimate counter claim against the plaintiff, of course you can counter sue. The disadvantage of not countersuing, is you my be barred from bringing the claim later. A counterclaim is not a defense, you have to defend against the claim.
  20. Yes, she was the person they gave the money to. why would you think they wouldn't go after her?
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