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  1. First of all, in most states, and you failed to identify where this took place, you file a claim for the damages, medical bills, loss of work, etc. with the city or county where this took place.  There is a short window of time to do this, usually 60-180 days, again depending upon the state.  If and when that is denied,you are then free to sue the city/county.  Only then, when properly requested, are they required to provide you with the report and any camera footage available.

    I am sorry, not being arrested, does not show that you were innocent, just that they chose not to arrest you.


    Good luck

  2. If this is accurate 

    2014 I drove (moved) from California to Texas. While driving thru AZ 

    its been 5 years and is too late to fight this ticket.  You will need to pay the fine, late fees, etc, to get the hold off your registration.  You can complain to the department, but again it has been 5 years and who knows if the  officers are still with the department.

  3. Bifurcate means split the issues, in this case for trial.  Often it means two trials, or if the ruling goes one way in the first trial, then the second one may not be necessary.
    For example in a divorce case, you can bifurcate the trial so that the first trial is on the issue of the end of the marriage, and the second would be to divide the property.

  4.  As of right now not only does he have the rights to her but she has the right to child support from him!!! 

    NO he does not.  Under the law, as you the OP are aware, your husband is the presumptive father.  If the bio dad chooses to ask for a court ordered paternity test which proves he is the father, he could have visitation rights and the obligation to  pay child support.  If he  chooses to do nothing, nothing will change.  if you wish, after  the paternity test, you could ask him to give up his rights and your husband could adopt the child.

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