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  1. Why don't you record the TOD deed now before you sign the will?
  2. You may have to file a partition suit to sell the house and split the proceeds with your co-owner if he refuses to buy you out.
  3. Anything is possible, given the "facts" you presented.
  4. Sorry, this is not a site that attorneys scan looking for clients. You can try find a lawyer on this page, good luck finding one that will take this on a contingency.
  5. Please do not attached your post to a n over 5 year old thread. Please start a new thread.
  6. The statute refers to an "action". THis means after you have filed your claim you have 3 years to institute an action, file suit, against the city/county/state.
  7. based on what little details you posted, it appears to be legal. what state is this happening in. what type of housing?
  8. under what authority is the Trustee expending funds? If he/she was trustee before the death, why doesn't she just sell the assets owned by the trust, pay her/himself, liquidate the trust and distribute it?
  9. What did the PD say was the reason he could not get the body camera footage? And what state did this happen in?
  10. Also, the powers of the attorney in fact terminated on your father's death, and any act as attorney in fact after his death, is voidable. Now if you meant he transferred money or property already in his name, that would not apply.
  11. I don't know, chalk it to a senior moment. good luck.
  12. First of all, in most states, and you failed to identify where this took place, you file a claim for the damages, medical bills, loss of work, etc. with the city or county where this took place. There is a short window of time to do this, usually 60-180 days, again depending upon the state. If and when that is denied,you are then free to sue the city/county. Only then, when properly requested, are they required to provide you with the report and any camera footage available. I am sorry, not being arrested, does not show that you were innocent, just that they chose not to arrest you. Good luck
  13. It will issue, if they find it appropriate, when they get to it. The request must still be legally sufficient, even if it is unopposed.
  14. If this is accurate 2014 I drove (´╗┐moved) from California to Texas. While driving thru AZ its been 5 years and is too late to fight this ticket. You will need to pay the fine, late fees, etc, to get the hold off your registration. You can complain to the department, but again it has been 5 years and who knows if the officers are still with the department.
  15. Perhaps Retired should have said in Virginia, crimes in which a juvenile is the defendant OR the victim are tried before a juvenile judge. I don't know about PA, but I doubt VA is the only state that way.
  16. You have the right to file for unemployment and seek a new job. While you may not have done anything illegal, neither did the department, unless you were under union contact.
  17. Get an attorney and file for divorce./
  18. You do know that a dissent is not binding upon anyone and would not be held to be persuasive authority either>
  19. May I add, that a criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in that court before that judge, will be in a position to give an opinion that is not just a guess.
  20. No there is no such law. You will have to prove ownership and pay the cost to pick it up, Did you leave a note on the vehicle explaining the situation with a phone number to contact you? Was there any way that they would know that it wasn't abandoned?
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