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    misdemenour theft

    You could be required to serve up to the 1 year original sentenced.
  2. doucar

    misdemenour theft

    Do you have a question?
  3. doucar

    Traffic Violation

    I have not practiced in Oregon, but where I have practiced, you file a motion with the trial court.
  4. You report it to his superior. You could report it to the ACLU or similar organization, to see if they are interested in it. Unlike Germany, it is not illegal to give the Nazi salute or say seig heil in the United States, so there is no point in reporting it to the Police.
  5. doucar

    Cabinets half installed

    Depends upon what your contract says.
  6. In general, the points and authorities are your legal argument applied to the facts and your declaration is your factual argument. Any more is beyond the scope of this site.
  7. doucar


    Do the CCRs define common area anywhere in them?
  8. doucar

    Permanent No-Contact Order Hearing

    The court will not be interested in how the feud started, only in how to prevent it from escalating.
  9. doucar


    Depends upon what the CC&Rs say, and we haven't read them.
  10. doucar

    Ilegal deportation

    No, you do not, but the person who was deported might.
  11. doucar

    Police misconduct

    If there was no crime occurring while he was there, he may have been unable to do anything, but report it to CPS. When they break procedure they are not breaking the law. Do you have a question?
  12. doucar

    Permanent No-Contact Order Hearing

    Are you going to fight it, if so on what basis. If you no longer have contact with him and will not have contact in the future, what harm is there is agreeing to a permanent no contact order? AS you have learned, your behavior has no effect on changing his.
  13. doucar

    Business dispute (oral agreement)

    If he is not willing to cooperate, you will have to sue him for breach of contract and see how the judge sees it.
  14. doucar


    reported posts for solicitation.
  15. doucar

    Business dispute (oral agreement)

    I am sure there are lots of things you can do. But what do you want to accomplish and how far are you willing to go?
  16. doucar

    Lack of a Speedy Trial

    Do you have a question?
  17. doucar

    Accepted claim

    What do you mean by "in bed with your carrier?" It is hard to believe that there is not one attorney in California who couldn't properly represent you.
  18. doucar

    Tax withholding question

    No, you may be penalized if you fail to have enough withheld during the year to equal 90% of the current tax years debt or 100% of the previous tax years debt and do not pay quarterly to make up the difference.
  19. doucar

    Tax withholding question

    Technically, if you owe a significant amount when you file your return, you can be penalized for underpayment of estimated/withholding tax. One of the triggers in the past has been too many exemptions claimed, if the employer does what they were required to do, which is supply the IRS with a copy of employees W-4 who claim a large number of exmptions.
  20. doucar

    legal responsibility

    It all depends upon how long ago "a few years ago" is. The statute of limitations for property damage is three years in Washington state.
  21. However. bankruptcy will probably require you to turn over the promissory note in a chapter 7 or pay back all your creditors 100% over 5 years in a chapter 13, based on what you have posted.
  22. doucar

    Jail time for theft 4th degree?

    Up to 1 year in the county jail and up to a $6000.00 fine each.
  23. doucar

    Recording private phone calls and re-broadcasting

    This is exactly why I rarely respond to hypothetical scenarios. Tax answered the question about why he is breaking the law thoroughly in his initial response, so I see no need to repeat it.
  24. doucar

    Can I combine 2 cases?

    Because, as the trial judge, he has the power to determine if the proper parties are before the court through proper service. Also, judges are only bound by the rulings of higher court judges and not by same court judges.