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  1. If she sold it for $623,000, there is an almost certainty that they owned the house as joint tenants with right of survivorship or tenants by the entireties, meaning she legally owned the house on his death and could sell it. If she owned the house, it would not have been governed by any will.
  2. The attorney general of the state of california US attorney
  3. If she drives on a suspended license, each time the fine will increase and jail time can be imposed. That is what I think retiredinVA was referring to when he said it is impossible for her to out from under the debt.
  4. My wife was the beneficiary of a friends tax deferred annuity. The friend died last year and she received the money. Now, for federal income tax purposes, does she take the deceased's basis in the annuity, or does she get a stepped up to the date of death basis in the annuity?
  5. The time to raise those issues was during the trial. It is too late now.
  6. Yes, your promise to pay was secured by the car, not dependent upon the car. What happened to you insurance that you agreed to keep on the car when you bought it?
  7. Is that what you received the citation for?
  8. What does your custody order say about international visitation?
  9. Thank you
  10. I received a 1099-C for 2017 for my home which was foreclosed upon on 2015, How do I report this without paying a boatload of taxes. I believe I also received the same form for 2016.
  11. The basic conditions of employement act appears to be a law in South Africa, not Colorado. No your employer is not required to pay your norice/termination pay, since you quit.
  12. Have you probated the will and someone has been appointed executor/administrator of the will? If not, no one has any authority to do anything with your father's estate. The executor/administrator could go after his wife if she refuses to turn assets over to the estate.
  13. Nothing you have said would lead one to the conclusion that the will is not valid. However, the will controls only those assets titled in your father's name or owned by your father at the time he died. If he transfered the house to your brother, then the house belongs to your brother to do with as he wants. If she was legally married to your father, she would be entitled to take her share against the will, usually 1/3 to 1/2 of the assets in your father's name when he died. This would obviously not include the house.
  14. You basically have the same right you always had. Comply with their request and take a chance on getting a job or decline their request and almost certainly be turned down for a job.
  15. Assuming what he was told was correct, it would mean only that the LLC must be in his name. He can use whatever DBA is available.
  16. In my state, at least as far as medicare advantage patients, and most other insured patients, the hospitalists are assigned by the insurance companies and the PCP do not do hospital rounds.
  17. although I have no idea what a "hospitalist" might be). A hospitalist is an MD assigned by your insurance company to follow your case while you are hospitalized as Primary Care Doctors no longer make hospital visits.
  18. It most likely would be and I agree that attorneys are not permitted in small claims actions, but he was asking for how it could be done without him making trips to California. Yes, it would be cost prohibitive, but he could file in Superior Court with an attorney and skip many trips to California.
  19. Can he keep my 1000.00 deposit? Depends upon the terms of your lease If he can’t can I do something and not have to travel back and forth to California? Hire an attorney to represent you, which I expect would cost you more than the $1000.00 deposit. Otherwise, you will have at least one or two trips to California. And then if you get a judgment, you will have to try and collect and that may require several trips to California.
  20. You haven't answered the question, was it a fence on your property or was it a boundary fence on the property line?
  21. What if she won’t install a fence back what to do in such situation? You can always put up your own fence on your property.
  22. Depends upon what was said and what damages weer suffered. Anyone can file a lawsuit, but winning one, requires more than you posted.