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    Can I combine 2 cases?

    Because, as the trial judge, he has the power to determine if the proper parties are before the court through proper service. Also, judges are only bound by the rulings of higher court judges and not by same court judges.
  2. doucar

    Mistake on police report

    Do you have a question? A police report is not evidence and cannot be used at trial. A scrivener's error is not going to invalidate an arrest.
  3. Was it in the contract you signed with the builder?
  4. doucar

    Debt Validation Letter

    1. Usually 30-60 days after the account became delinquent, (a payment was due, but not paid). 2. Yes, an oral contract can be just as binding as a written one. 3. Don';t be so sure you don't have a written contract. Did you ever get an email saying we are making the following changes to you account agreement, continued use of the account after ____________ date signifies your acceptance of the new terms, can constitute a written contract, and thus the longer SOL.
  5. Hire an attorney in California to check it out and advise him what to do.
  6. doucar


    I have a dependency court case that started in Washington state and now I live in Las Vegas Nv If this is the same case and was started in Washington when you lived there, they still have jurisdiction, even though you moved.
  7. No one here is a licensed Alabama attorney. Either use the find a lawyer feature on this page, or check out criminal defense attorneys in the county where he is being held. That is all you can do.
  8. doucar


    Are you your mother's court appointed guardian? If not, you have no standing to sue anyone.
  9. doucar

    Can I combine 2 cases?

    no,, not in one appeal. You may be able to consolidate them after filed, depending upon the rules for appeal in your unnamed state.
  10. doucar

    Suspended license

    I believe it is called a reinstatement fee, and yes you have to pay it. Yes there is a right to travel, but like if you want to travel by bus, you have to pay the fare, if you want to drive, you must have a driver's license, if you want to walk, there generally are no restriction.
  11. doucar

    Contacting workout a contractors license

    duplicate post and the answer is still no, you are not right.
  12. doucar

    Health insurance for her kids

    Only if her attorney can somehow convince a judge to put it in the divorce decree, highly unlikely.
  13. small claims for the vet bills, time off of work, mileage, court costs, And iof those damages you would be entitled only to vet bills and court costs.
  14. doucar

    Car purchase from individual

    Was he on the title or listed as a lien holder on the title?
  15. doucar


    It is considered community property, the result of which is what Jack described, except if it was acquired with community funds, she is entitled to 1/2 the entire equity in the event of a divorce. If it was sold without her consent, she needs to speak with a Texas property attorney to learn her rights and how to enforce them.
  16. doucar

    service process on corporation

    Every corporation should have an agent for service of process on file with the secretary of state and the way to most effectively serve the corporation is to serve the individual or entity listed with the secretary of state.
  17. doucar

    Death of Spouse without a Will

    To elaborate on what jack said, the power of attorney expired the moment the father died, so any activity using the power of attorney after that is void.
  18. doucar

    Sleep Number

    If the mattress was defective, your option is to get it replaced. Have you tried that?
  19. doucar

    General Question

    More than likely.
  20. Depends upon what state you are in. Very few have Lemon Laws that cover used vehicles and the disclosure laws vary from state to state. The best way a consumer can protect themselves when buying a used car is to have it inspected by a mechanic of their choosing, whether buying from a dealer or private party.
  21. first of all, if you want a step parent adoption, you will have to be married to the mother for at least a year and either get the consent of the father or have his parental rights terminated and then apply to the court for a step parent adoption. If you want to be the guardian of the child, you will have to show the court that she is an unfit mother and he would be a unfit father. She has a greater chance of obtaining full custody, but the father may and I repeat may get supervised visitation rights.
  23. Then Ohio is where either of you will need to start.
  24. No, fiduciary duties are defined by the trust and state law.
  25. what state issued the custody/visitation order? That is where the contempt must be started and that is the state that currently has jurisdiction over custody and visitation, unless either party asked the court to move it.