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  2. Then Ohio is where either of you will need to start.
  3. No, fiduciary duties are defined by the trust and state law.
  4. what state issued the custody/visitation order? That is where the contempt must be started and that is the state that currently has jurisdiction over custody and visitation, unless either party asked the court to move it.
  5. Only if the language of the trust required it.
  6. You failed to post the state as instructed, so this will be a generic answer. No state, that I am aware of will terminate parental rights and allow a step parent adoption to go forward, absent the consent of ALL parent of the child, absent extreme circumstances. Being unable to prove abuse would not qualify. If she filed for adoption, the ex could file for contempt.
  7. doucar

    Misdemenor A jail time?

    The chances of someone who was similarly charged in Wisconsin, Outagamie county are between slim and none. so the advise to speak with a local defense attorney is the best we can give.
  8. doucar

    post-conviction relief 2yrs later

    I got through that giant block of text, which is hard to read. Next time, break it up into paragraphs; After reading it, I am not sure what help you are expecting from strangers on the internet, none of whom are licensed to practice in OK.
  9. doucar

    Abusive mom& sister

    do you have a question?
  10. doucar

    Parents as students and a child w/a disability

    I know of no law or regulation dealing with this. Have you spoken to the school about an accommodation?
  11. doucar

    Cancel child support

    Is the child support court ordered?
  12. Yes, if Pennsylvania agrees and the other state accepts you.
  13. doucar

    20 years agg on first crime as a juvenile

    The trier of fact be it a judge or jury is given great latitude in determining the credibility of witnesses, and won't be overturned on appeal.
  14. If you have a legitimate counter claim against the plaintiff, of course you can counter sue. The disadvantage of not countersuing, is you my be barred from bringing the claim later. A counterclaim is not a defense, you have to defend against the claim.
  15. doucar

    banking laws

    Yes, she was the person they gave the money to. why would you think they wouldn't go after her?
  16. doucar


    No, and No. You should not misrepresent yourself to the court, you are only asking for trouble.
  17. doucar

    Co-signer on auto loan

    The only way to get you name off the loan is to pay it off either you pay it off, she pays it off or she sells it and it is paid off.
  18. Yes, it is current and no changes in the law would alter the definitions you sought.
  19. While anyone can challenge anything, I doubt it would be successful, if he completed the change of beneficiary on the IRA. IRA are not part of his probate estate, unless the estate is named beneficiary. The daughter should take a copy of the death certificate to the institution where the IRA is located and claim it. If it is a traditional, not a Roth IRA, they will be income taxes owed on it when she takes the money, unless she chooses to roll it over into a retirement account.
  20. Absent a court order in your divorce from a judge, no you have no way to make him sign.
  21. doucar


    You don't know you can file with the court for visitation or custody modification?
  22. Take her medical records to an experienced medical malpractice attorney for an evaluation.
  23. doucar

    Federal use of private land

    Have you asked them for assistance?
  24. doucar

    Menace to society

    I find no such law for menace to society in California. Are you sure this was the actual charge or just a description of you nephews behavior?
  25. doucar

    Possible Medical Malpractice?

    Wisconsin law allows a victim to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit within: Three years of the act, or failure to act, that resulted in the injury. One year of the date on which the injury was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. The law allows the victim to use either one of the above standards, but not both. If these standards result in different deadlines then the standard which would apply is the one that provides the most time to the medical malpractice victim. Generally, a medical malpractice claim may not be filed more than five years after the act, or failure to act, that resulted in an injury—even if the medical malpractice injury was not discovered within that time.