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  1. You have the right to file for unemployment and seek a new job. While you may not have done anything illegal, neither did the department, unless you were under union contact.
  2. Get an attorney and file for divorce./
  3. You do know that a dissent is not binding upon anyone and would not be held to be persuasive authority either>
  4. May I add, that a criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in that court before that judge, will be in a position to give an opinion that is not just a guess.
  5. No there is no such law. You will have to prove ownership and pay the cost to pick it up, Did you leave a note on the vehicle explaining the situation with a phone number to contact you? Was there any way that they would know that it wasn't abandoned?
  6. You said a paternity test was done. Was it court ordered or were the results submitted to the court with a petition for visitation and was that petition granted? Until both are done, and a court order issued,the mother gets to set all the guidelines.
  7. Bifurcate means split the issues, in this case for trial. Often it means two trials, or if the ruling goes one way in the first trial, then the second one may not be necessary. For example in a divorce case, you can bifurcate the trial so that the first trial is on the issue of the end of the marriage, and the second would be to divide the property.
  8. What does his attorney say? You realize that vehicular manslaughter is a more serious violation than DUI, or reckless driving, and is more along the lines of criminal negligence? and yes, a permanent license revocation in Idaho, will be recognized in other states.
  9. and NO, at least THREE of them are NOT lawyers.... they even SAID so.. Just to clarify, when I posted the first time, four of the five responders were attorneys, others have posted since.
  10. Would you briefly state what you think was discrimination, as it is unclear. To be subject to a lawsuit, it must be based on a protected class, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or national origin are some of the protected classes.
  11. And the baker was charged under state civil rights laws, not the US Constitution. Their appeal was based on the state violating their first amendment rights. And all at least four of the five responders are attorneys.
  12. As of right now not only does he have the rights to her but she has the right to child support from him!!! NO he does not. Under the law, as you the OP are aware, your husband is the presumptive father. If the bio dad chooses to ask for a court ordered paternity test which proves he is the father, he could have visitation rights and the obligation to pay child support. If he chooses to do nothing, nothing will change. if you wish, after the paternity test, you could ask him to give up his rights and your husband could adopt the child.
  13. At this point, Nevada has no choice but to wait for California to issue its governor's warrant within 30 days or she waives extradition. All the issues you have raised must be raised in court in California.
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