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  1. doucar

    Single Mother

    As of right now not only does he have the rights to her but she has the right to child support from him!!! NO he does not. Under the law, as you the OP are aware, your husband is the presumptive father. If the bio dad chooses to ask for a court ordered paternity test which proves he is the father, he could have visitation rights and the obligation to pay child support. If he chooses to do nothing, nothing will change. if you wish, after the paternity test, you could ask him to give up his rights and your husband could adopt the child.
  2. doucar

    Mother Of 2 Arrested On 12/18/18.

    At this point, Nevada has no choice but to wait for California to issue its governor's warrant within 30 days or she waives extradition. All the issues you have raised must be raised in court in California.
  3. doucar

    Mediiator's Job in Custody Proceedings

    The mediators job is to work with the parties and see if he can get them to agree to a solution. If not, it goes to the judge who will hear the evidence presented by both sides and make a decision. Usually the decision is one that makes neither side happy, which is why the mediator is used to try and get the sides to agree on a solution.
  4. interesting, do you have a question
  5. doucar

    Email marketing quesiotn

    without seeing what you are sending, we cannot say absolutely you are in the clear.
  6. doucar

    Rumors About My Health

    my prayers are with you, good luck with your treatment.
  7. doucar


    This is not a site to find an attorney as attorneys do not troll this site looking for clients. Try find a lawyer on the page.
  8. doucar

    misdemenour theft

    You could be required to serve up to the 1 year original sentenced.
  9. doucar

    misdemenour theft

    Do you have a question?
  10. doucar

    Traffic Violation

    I have not practiced in Oregon, but where I have practiced, you file a motion with the trial court.
  11. You report it to his superior. You could report it to the ACLU or similar organization, to see if they are interested in it. Unlike Germany, it is not illegal to give the Nazi salute or say seig heil in the United States, so there is no point in reporting it to the Police.
  12. doucar

    Cabinets half installed

    Depends upon what your contract says.
  13. In general, the points and authorities are your legal argument applied to the facts and your declaration is your factual argument. Any more is beyond the scope of this site.