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  1. What state did he live in when he passed? Because this is a state law issue and it would be a very unusual state that would grant you any legal rights as a finacee, there is no case law or precedent that would support you in any state where I have practiced, but again, there are 50 states, puero rico and DC which could come into play.
  2. You can file a lawsuit, but it would be dismissed on the basis of the statute of limitations, as the injury took place in 2014 and the statute would have run out in 2016.
  3. You both need to tone it back a little. BTW, PG is a lawyer and in his own way was seeking clarification. I am a lawyer, and I did not respond, because I was confused by your initial post and was waiting for you to clarify it. Retired made a few assumptions, and answered what he thought was your question, but I wasn't sure.
  4. You must sue the homeowner, not his insurance company as you have no standing to sue the insurance company. The insurance company owes you no duty under the law, its duty runs to its insured. So, if you file suit, it will be against the homeowner.
  5. He is relying on the fact that no statute says this.
  6. I am not sure what you expect strangers on the internet to do to "fight this" particularly when you didn't list your state as requested.
  7. Understood, but some states have programs that cover smaller businesses and i was just trying to cover all bases
  8. FMLA in Mississppi covers employers with 50 or more employees within a 75 mile radius. So it appears that FMLA would not protect you and the termination, while it appears to be foolish, was not illegal.
  9. Here is some of the information we need to answer your question: 1. How long have you worked there. 2. How many employees do they have. 3. Are you a member of a union. 4. Is this a private or government employer. 5. What state are you in?
  10. While it may be possible for them to be so reported, it is highly unlikely due to the shear numbers and the fact that the creditor may lose track of them when they go to collection agency. They fall off after 7 years in all states (except bankruptcy which is 10 years).
  11. Is she in a county jail, if so which county. Is she in state prison, if so which one.
  12. Depends upon what your lease says about utilities.
  13. Have you thought about picking up the phone and asking them. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that your wife is on an income based repayment plan and they are wanting to update her file and plan. And no they cannot garnish your wages to repay her loan.
  14. Depends upon the laws of Abu Dhabi. An American court would have no jurisdiction over the property of a marriage acquired and kept in a foreign country, especially when the parties never lived together as husband and wife in the United States.