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  1. I live in CA. I was on SDI/FMLA leave from my employment for 3 months. I am a licensed therapist and work with children and some adults at a nonprofit agency. \r\nI returned to work to find my office (mostly the sofa, blanket and stuffed animals used by child and adult clients) had rat droppings and possibly urine all over. The room smelled horrible, the door had been closed, and the supervisor said a dead rat, almost completely decomposed, was in the ceiling space and had been taken out last week. They had knowledge of the droppings but did nothing. I was so disgusted I cleaned the room up myself, although I should have made them do it. The smell made me feel sick. I did take pictures. \r\nThe entire building also smells moldy and a rat had been found a few months earlier. There have also been incidents of water breaking thru ceiling tiles. Most of the staff suffer from chronic headaches. \r\nThe management attitude is "oh well, we're a non-profit." Also, supervisors acted like it was funny, saying things like "welcome back, ha ha!" when I complained about the mess. \r\nAlso, this agency receives Medi-Cal funding. \r\nMy question - what are the laws re this kind of work environment and who can I make a complaint to? \r\nThank you
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