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  1. I live in the stae of florida and palm beach county resident. Can I file a civil right violation law suit against my former employer when I called my supervisor and complianed that a co-worker riding with me on my assigned truck route was harassing me by curing and yelling at me to do what he wanted me to do when he was on workmenscompensation and not suppose to be on the route. After I called the office the route supervisor came and removed him from the route and within 30 to forty minutes my co-worker was allowed to come to my next stop and i was int the store on one knee filling an order and he walked in and attacked me back jumping on me trying to take the handheld computer away from me because I was doing his route and not filling orders earlier as he wanted me to. I pushed him off me and he got up and started cursing me and swong to hit me and i pushed him into a shelf and the manager called the police and I pressed charges and he was areested and then I called the same supervisor and he came to the store. They sent me home asked for a written statement of what happened .the next day they sent me a letter that I was terminated and was not eligible for rehire. I have worked for this company 23 years never been written up or cause any problem in my years there and they fired both of us for violation of company policy. he was a union stewardess and filed a grieveince had a hearing lied about what happen and was rehired. I never filed a grevience because the letter they sent me stated I could not be rehired. If the supervisor would have not allowed him back on the route . I would have not been place in the position to defend myself by pushing him off me. I never hit him or faught him . I was cleared of any wrong doing when I filed an unemployment appeal. I was violated , harassed and placed in a hostile work environmet that the company has a policy on and they violated it.
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