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  1. I work in Nevada and was assisting a passenger with transfer to aisle chair due to their in ability to move because a spinal issue. Pax also had a cpap machine hooked to his face and was in excess of 300lbs. We had an aircraft which was on its second visit to us and passenger was seated in a bulkhead seat with an armrest that wasn't lifts me. Requiring a lift over the arm rest to be put into aisle chair. After we finally got him into the aisle chair and off the aircraft and I to his chair. My back was burning in pain. Just for x rays and was diagnosed with muscle sprains. My co worker said we aren't even suppose to be lifting passengers as we have been. Is this true? And when I was in training. Acaa says pax are supposed to be sat in chairs with arm tests that lift to help transferring process. I am in a pain ive never experienced in my life. And i just want to be sure I wasnt put in a position i shouldnt have been in. Do I have any grounds for investigation?
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