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  1. Ok. The contract was signed, after the appeal, for the 20% reduced amount as annual gross income. I am not using the word "salary", because his official salary did not change, nor did his full-time status, only the actual pay.
  2. Do you smoke? Have you ever smoked for any prolonged period of time in the past 35 years? If so, that would seem to be a more likely cause of your OPD, and your risk for lung cancer.
  3. Yes, he was. Our contracts are for one year at a time, the period July 1st through June 30th of the following year. I do not have his on hand, but will get a copy. I presume you want to know if he signed before or after the appeal was completed, and whether it was for the full gross salary or for the reduced amount? Can you tell me what the implications would be for these different possible situations? BTW, I meant "W2" in question #4, so we can amend our income tax return for 2011 if needed. Thanks.
  4. My husband and I live in South Carolina, and work for a state academic institution as faculty members. Last June (2011), my husband's department chair informed him that his gross income would be reduced by 20% for the coming academic year (July-June). The allowed appeal process took a couple of months, and the decision was upheld. At the same time, he increased his pre-tax retirement withholding. His take-home pay was substantially reduced, which was expected. Today he has been informed by Payroll that he was being overpaid since July of 2011. That is, they (Payrol) had failed to reduce his gross income by the 20%. They are demanding repayment IN CASH of the overpayment within 2 weeks or it will be sent to a collections agency. No explanation as to the $ amount demanded was given, although we presume it must be the net after overpayment of taxes, etc. My questions are: 1) Since the university was clearly remiss in not reducing the gross salary last year, are we legally obligated to repay the overpaid amount? 2) If Yes to #1: Is he (are we) obligated to repay in CASH, and must it be within the next 2 weeks? It is a large amount of money for us. 3) If Yes to #1: Is he not entitled to a full accounting of the repayment amount being demanded, with all the appropriate deductions and witholdings clearly itemized and verifiable, PRIOR TO MAKING ANY REPAYMENT? 4) If Yes to #1: Is he not entitled also entitled to a revised W4 once repayment has been made? Please answer each question in turn. I look forward to your reply. Thank-you.
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