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  1. We are located in Montana. In my son's case, there is a "We"; although he is grown, he is my son. I will always be there for him. And a Mixer Machine that was mentioned in my original post is an industry mixer. Of course, you do not know anything about the Mixer because I don't. I wanted to know if we had a case due to third party negligence? Back to the original question, do we have a case to sue for company negligence if the mix machine was not properly guarded against amputations ro injuries in general.
  2. Last week, my son (22 years old) cut three fingers on a mixer machine at work. His middle finder was amputated, index finger may or maynot have feeling, and the ring finger nail bed was sewn back on his dominant (Left) hand. His company started the Workers Compensation Claim process. However, I have a question and want to ensure my son life will not be limited because of this. The mixer machine is know for getting stuck and require him to use his hand to get out the product. Does this machine have guards? What is the inspection codes on this particular machine? We would like to sue for unsafe workplace. Do he have a case?
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