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  1. Call the Court with the case #
  2. Labor board in your State is usually the easiest and fastest way. They have a bit more power. You can also go to small claims and if he doesn't pay you can put a lein on his property.
  3. Can a sub contractor have a working interview? I was hired for a working interview. The job took 3 days. The original agreement for compensation was for $300.00. I discovered extra work and called the company for instruction. I was told do the work and we will figure out fair compensation on Friday. Friday rolled around and the company owner came into the unit stating nothing was done. What have you been doing for 3 days? Etc etc. She them went to Home Depot and brought back 3 people to do the job. They even stated what is wrong with her the place is clean. The company owner then paid them for their work. Then she continued being condescending to me and told me to go home and she would mail me a check. The deal was pay on completion which it was. She now states as soon as I fill out a W9 and give her proof of my business insurance she will pay me for 4 hours at $8.00 an hour. I was not aware a sub contractor was subject to a working interview. When I first answered her ad I did mention I was licensed and insured. however it was never discussed as me doing the job as a seperate entity. She also told me what time to be at the job site. She also did a walk thru telling me everything she wanted done and how to do it. The biggest deal is I worked a total of 29 hours. Had I known her intent was to rip me off for the agreed upon $300.00 I would not have worked. I also was supposed to start the work on Monday and then she pushed it back to Wednesday. This caused me to cancel a job I had on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate. This job was cleaning for move in a mini mansion. What is my best recourse? I am in California
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