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  1. He's been in jail since New Years. Every month was a court date, and every court date the DA's were either on vacation or lost the case files. Today was his final court date and there getting ready to sentence him up tp 20 years in Prison. They don't have evidence so because of his past record of when he was 14 and that was dismissed. There trying to get him on anything they could. I've never had to get a lawyer before or an attorney. My parents have a public attorney and to me he isn't really doing anything but getting paid every week.
  2. Hello my name is***** and I am the sister to ****** who was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit. His "Ex Girlfriend" Lied and had him charged for accounts he did not commit and she will not confess to any of the lies she told. I am just wondering what I can do to help my brother. Him and I were Sheriff Explorers for over 2 years and served the community well. His goal was to be a Deputy Sheriff but after all of this I am doubting that could happen. If anyone knows what I can do to help, or if they know anyone that would be able to help me. Please contact me ASAP. I do not want to lose my brother because of the justice system. My brother was wrongly convicted of child negligence and breaking and entering. We have text messages proving he was invited on New Years to a little get together. The ex girl friends little brother broke my brothers necklace and wanted to fight and wouldn't stop pushing my brothers limit, so my brother hit him once and after that another kid named Aaron starting beating up the kid afterward and yet they all blamed it on my brother. He has been in jail since New Years and now trying to convict him up to 20 years in PRISON! I NEED HELP!! Please!! [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
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