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  1. Yeah, the boss is an ####, but as I'm going up thru the channels to get my situation resolved, I'm finding more and more #### who don't listen to me or my side. I'm not into the yoga or exercise thing and the first/last time my wife went to a therapist for clinical depression, she was told to 'think happy thoughts'. I'm no spring chicken - if we had the savings, I'd retire. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm gonna have to stick this #### out until I drop dead or the #### moves on. What really gets my goat is that the company motto on resolving issues is doing just what I'm doing until everyone is happy. I can only hope..... :-/
  2. You definitely nailed that one - he's an ####, alright. Thanks for the response. I'll continue the climb until it gets resolved or I get fired.
  3. Texas I've been working for a company for 15 yrs now. I transferred to a new position with no training and little knowledge of the onsite work. Being the determined and organized man I am, I called everyone I knew and finally had the site up and running within months. For the past 5 yrs, I was happy and my client was especially pleased with my work. This past year, I got a new boss. This boss talked to other people who I had talked to, trying to get them to do their jobs right. Obviously, he had a very bad impression of me before even meeting me. I'll cut to the chase now. Since this new boss came on board a few months ago, the stress he puts me under has caused me to lose a substantial amount of weight. My wife is worried sick. I'm worried sick that I'll lose my job, and my weight keeps dropping. The dr says it's due to stress. The stress keeps me from thinking clearly. My boss has taken credit for the programs I created to make my job easier - very stressful, among other things. Right now, I'm going thru company channels to see if I can get my situation resolved. If this isn't possible, can I hire an attorney and sue the company for mental anguish? My weight loss so far has been 60lbs. thanks, Sal
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