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  1. I feel bullied and picked on alot by my boss. He makes me feel very uncomfortable i have brought it up to his attention and to the Facilities social worker. He verbally apologize to me and said he was going to stop picking on me, but it dosen't. He deligates tasks that are not within my scope of practice and forces me to do them, even after i refuse to more then 3 times. He's made serious wrongful accusations towards me that not only brought so much stress at the time but have affected me as a person. He calls my cell phone even on my days off. He gave me 3 write ups in one day and suspended me for three days. When i got the 3 write ups and the suspension they wanted me to finish my shift and my boss threatened me with a termination if i didnt show up to work the next day, I never signed te write ups and i wrote why i refused in the comments section I asked for a conference meeting with The Regional Director and was denied. I made constant complaints about how unsafe the workplace was and how overworked and tired i felt. I will never forget the closing night of April, 6 2012 He put 4 New Medical equipment on the treatment area without giving the staff the proper clinical and theory training. allowed 2 unlicensed persons without a perceptor to work and give patient care. That night i was responsible for the care of 14 patients i wish DHS would of came and inspect the facility that night. the dialysis technition ratio is 5 patients to 1 technician what can i do about my problem i have called HR alot of times and they dont do nothing, Ive told my boss how uncomfortable he makes me feel and ive tried to Get a conference meeting with my regional director and failed to get one.
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