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  1. July 2008 will be 4 years when I was injured on the job requiring 3 shoulder surgeries & still no relief. After meeting w/the Insurance Company's doctors I got a court case last week in the NJ. My attorney advised me that I didn't need to attend since it wasn't a Q&A. This was going before the DA & my attorney the insurance company. I was notified that it was determined that I was awarded total disabilty. My attorney has not advised me of what happens next - he said it goes back to the insurance company? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? The court awarded permanent disability & I still have to wait? I didn't even realize I was approved for SS until 9 months ago & got some back pay. I have exhausted me unemployement benefits but I still am waiting. Can the insurance company delay payment even though the court ruled in my favor? I have been hanging on my a thread & they terminated my benefits more than 1 yr ago, does that get reimbursed? My question is this - Can the insurance company still pay games & delay & if so, what can I do.
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