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  1. The Employer suspended me without pay and they waited over two weeks before telling me I had to go to see a counselor. It has been over a week sense seeing her and I haven't been called back or received any check. What rights do I have?
  2. I work at a company in Ohio. Recently I was called into our HR department by the assistant Director and the Director. I thought it was about a couple of questions I asked the Director a couple of weeks ago about and she told me she would look into them and get back to me. One question was. I was up for a promotional job and out of 78 others I made it to the face to face interviews with 17 others. After the interviews were over the interviewers told my supervisor that i gave one of the best interviews. Three days later I received a letter stating that I didn't get the job. I asked the HR Director why I didn't get the job? I also have had both shoulders operated on in the last 3 years and told The HR Director that I was not interested in being place on the process that had "caused the injuries". Like they did after my return from having the first surgery. Was I surprised to find out that they called me into The office to tell me that they were suspending me until they investigated allegations that I inappropriately touched a fellow co-worker. Upon pressuring them on the inappropriate touching they asked me if i ever touched a co-worker on the shoulder. Of course I have a some point this is a factory job, and no one has ever told me that it made them uncomfortable, co-workers touch me on the arm and back all the time no big deal. I was also told that I have made inappropriate comments to co-workers since 80% of the conversations in the factory have some sort of sexual undertones I was confused on what I may have said. I have had co workers talk about their home lives with me with their spouses or same sex partners so I thought that I could say what ever without repercussions. I have been on restrictive duties since my second shoulder surgery in January, that they brought me back 2 weeks after having, to do paperwork and secretarial duties for the Groupleader and Supervisor. Since I was on one are restrictions. Several of my co-workers have been noticeably upset that I am doing these jobs, and I believe that they are the ones complaining to HR. These are the same co-workers who have touched my arm talked about there home lives and lack of sex. HR wouldn't tell me who made these complaints saying that it was "confidential" information in two and a half weeks of being suspended I was contacted only once in a ten minute conversation. Shouldn't I have the right to confront my accusers and give my side of the stories that are obviously being told about me.
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