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  1. I work in Santa Fe Nm as a waitress and our company has each of the waitstaff paying out a % of our sales to our "busser" and the "bartender": after every shift. My problem with this is that we are most of the time paying for services NEVER rendered. For example...we come in at 7am open for breakfast...wait tables, bus them, set them, get drinks, refills etc.. so by 8 or nine when the scheduled busser comes in starts to do their own work...cleaning windows, filling buckets...all the while not doing their job in which we are paying for. The other day the night bus crew were told not to mop so I asked.."So this means we don't have to pay? We each pay $2.50 everyday, every wait person pays $2.50 just for these people to mop OUR section! Since when do hard working waitresses who work for their money and sometimes waits in a section with 24 tables and 1 busser between 4 people have to pick up the owners costs!! They take total advantage because they know we all carry the cash to pay up!!!! IT SUCKS!
  2. I have worked in this restaurant for 5 years full time and recently was presented by a co worker the issue of pigeon poop droppings coming thru our AC vent in one particular room. We were all grossed out by it and immediatly started to question health factors and our safety. I for one, have often complained about working in that area as it gets very hot in there and had lots of trouble breathing. I always assumed it was just too hot, as we serve tables and often are very busy...recently more feathers and poop began to fall so our general manager was notified of the issue by ourselves and negative and hostel denial came out right away. That day when I came in...my co-workers informed me of what was happening and I saw my boss wrapping and taping vents (which later visibly held the poop accumulation) Later that day when roofers came to start taking apart the roof and vents..I approached my boss on the issue and asked straight out " Is this Pigeon poop? We are breathing thru the vents?" Our crew had earlier discussed what we thought, what we knew, how we felt and what we would do to stick together on this matter. Here we were serving food, to lots of regulars and guests and here are the managers and owners taping off and wrapping the restaurant in a complete frenzy causing huge scenes without the nerve to close for the day. My bosses answer to my forward question went as follows... I asked " Is that pigeon poop falling thru the vents? So & So have pictures... that is not good OR healthy for us!" His immediate response "NO Its NOT! And very sarcastically told me, and only me..."Go ahead and go home if you have to... If you feel unsafe here...go home!" I told him ""if I go, so do the others..." He only tells Me because I'm the only one that has the nerve to say anything on evryones behalf....therefore making me the villian. So as it goes a call was made to the health dept later that day and the place immediatly shut down and who got the blame? I did! 6 wks later he has not said 1 word to be, he ignores me, criticizes me, harrasses me, belittles me, makes me bust my ass totally unfairly, treatment towards me is differnt from all the rest...I now have no rights, no say, pay out of pocket to his payroll (we ALL do!) We all care about our customers and at the same time are kicking our own asses and wonder why we stay!! Some employees get away with murder while others are there to work and get punished and belittled for it! Their are at least 10 employees who can share similar and worse experiences.
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