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  1. Hi, I was fired from my job at the end of February. They fired me unjustly and will not provide any information as to all the details. I was told to sign out and talk to my supervisor. My supervisor then proceeded to tell me that the company had received a customer complaint about me and that I was being terminated. From this point I was directed out of the center without any termination letter or any questions answered. This company has a Union, but you have a mandatory 6 month probationary period before they will allow you into the Union. Well, my supervisor then tells me that my probation had been extended (without my knowledge) 2 weeks prior to being terminated. On the date of my termination my 6 month probationary period had come and gone. Since I was never informed of the extension on my probation I would be considered a permanent employee and apart of the Union. The company has to inform their employees and the Union if they are going to extend the probationary period. Neither my supervisor or any other supervisor told me that my probation had been extended prior to my date of termination. But it's really strange because the company directs me to the Union when I have questions about the termination. The Union has not been very helpful but they have never turned me away either. The company has not and will not provide me with a letter of termination or the complaint letter. The company will not even read any of the complaint to me. Up to this point I was constantly praised because how great of an employee I was. I have spoken with the VP of HR and he refuses to give me any information. When I try to ask my supervisor and the center director simple questions they either do not respond or they direct me to the Union that I'm technically not apart of. None of this makes any sense at all! In my opinion there is no real complaint letter and this has all been fabricated to have a reason to fire me. How can I get the complaint letter that they claim a customer filed against me? What steps should I take to get my questions answered and what can I do? Thanks.
  2. I did not purposely dodge the certified letter. It was signed by a friend at my residence when I was not present. So, the judgement can be renewed? And how long can this stay on my credit report in Ohio? I have looked over the laws and this is what they say: A judgment issued by the Courts in Ohio is enforceable for a period of five years. It becomes dormant and may not operate as a lien on the estate of a judgment debtor unless it is executed within that period, or revived. A creditor may revive a dormant judgment by filing an action with the court within twenty-one (21) years from the time it became dormant. Once revived, the judgment may be enforced in the same manner as other current judgments. Ohio permits the entry of a judgment by confession. A debtor may appear in a court of competent jurisdiction and confess judgment. (O.R.C. 2323.12.) An attorney may confess judgment by producing to the Court a warrant of attorney which contains specific warnings and notice to the debtor in the instrument evidencing the indebtedness. The warnings must appear on the instrument clearly and conspicuously and must conform to the requirements under the Ohio statutes. (O.R.C. 2323.13.) However, a warrant of attorney to confess judgment in an instrument arising out of a consumer loan or consumer transaction is invalid, and the Court generally does not have jurisdiction to render a judgment based on such a warrant. A judgment creditor generally may execute a judgment against the real or personal property, or both, of the judgment debtor. Such property may include lands and tenements, and goods and chattels which are not exempt by law. A wage garnishment may also be permitted, but only upon full compliance with specific requirements set forth in Chapter 2716 of the Ohio Revised Code. The requirements include service of a prescribed written demand upon the judgment debtor at least fifteen days and not more than forty-five days before the wage garnishment order is sought (O.R.C. 2716.02), filing of an affidavit with the Court, service of the wage garnishment order and notice upon the employer, and service of a notice and request for hearing upon the judgment debtor. (O.R.C. 2716, et seq.) From the way I understand it, it can be renewed every 5 years for up to 21 years. Is this correct? So, when this falls off in December 2013, they can renew the judgement and have it placed back onto my credit?
  3. Hi, I am an Ohio resident and have a judgement that has been filed against me. The judgement was filed in 2006. ***** Collection is the company that has sued me and is trying to collect. This all originated from a ***** credit card. How can I fight this and have it taken off of my credit report? I did not sign for the certified piece of mail that was sent to my residence informing me of the law suit. Is this something I can use against them? Also, how long does this stay on your credit report? My credit reports say December 2013, but I've heard many different time frames from several different people. If and when it does expire on December 2013, can they renew the judgement and put it back on my credit again? Any help is appreciated. CJ [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
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