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  1. Thanks for the info ... but still concerned over the ability to get a refund ... the bad part is that we paid cash ... over $600 ...
  2. I live in Colorado. I recently went to ***** to have an examination and went there because one of the doctors there came very highly recommended as being one of the best in the city and this was a recommendation from another professional person. The initial purpose was because I had seen some flashes of light when coughing very hard and also had seen some jagged lines several times and I was afraid that there was something really wrong and I might need surgery. I have worn "cheaters for some time that work just fine and have no problems with them. After finding that the reasons I went there for were of no real problem I thought well I might as well get "real" glasses and take care of my eyes ..The doctor suggested one set for reading and another pair for distance .. while driving .. since they had a special of buy one get one free. The pair for distance only makes a very very slight difference. The first pair of reading glasses had only about a 6" to 7" range and anything beyond that is distorted. I work on the computer 6 or so hours a day for my job and to be confined to that range for that period of time was not acceptable. (will note that with my "cheaters" I can be as far away from the monitor as 3' or so and still read everything fine. I took the glasses back and explained the situation and they redid the prescription for a larger range and when I picked them up things were still not as crisp as the cheaters and the right side was very distorted. The doctor took measurements again and said that even though she was an optimist and she could keep trying to make the prescription right and make the glasses work she was leaning towards that what I had right now .. the cheaters ... were working just fine for me and perhaps we should cancel what we were doing and when the cheaters no longer worked to come back.. She told this to the agent there and his response to me was that based on that and his knowledge, that , would happen in a week or two, so I should just keep the new glasses .. LOL then he suggested that I have them put the prescription of the cheaters in the new frames .. I asked why would I want to spend $600 to do that when what I had was working just fine.. his answer was .. well you like the frames ... Here is my delima ... on the back of the folder they gave me with my prescription and receipt it says .... The **** Promise .... 100% Satisfaction Guarantee..... we want you to be happy with your new glasses.. If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied you can return them in their original condition within 30 days of purchase and we will adjust, repair, or exchange, or replace them for an item of equal or lesser value -- no excuses, no explanation. I am not interested in them to keep trying to get the prescription right .. I just want to get a refund and continue with what I have. Based on the " ***** Promise" how much trouble will I have in getting the refund [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
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