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  1. pg1067 said... Done. Thanks for the suggestion. Was my pleasure. I'll be sure to straighten your attitude out again when I see you behave similarly.
  2. It would help to know what state you're working in. In the meantime...Read Me!
  3. I hope you're getting them to remove all negative trade lines from ALL of the credit reporting agencies. If you post your situation on Debtorboards they will give you step by step instructions on how to complete this transaction so that anyone doing a credit check won't find a trace of it.
  4. Her employer is free to fire her for whatever reason anyway. My employer is not so privileged (ALPA protection). It would be one thing if you took a job that imposed such conditions and you were made aware of those conditions before you accepted the position however, it's another thing when they choose to adopt such policies after you've worked for them. They risk losing valuable personnel. In this case, the OP is clearly offended yet will likely comply to keep a job that she fears loosing in a high unemployment world. I disagree with you where you suggest that retailers who do not perform searches are a minority.
  5. pg1067 said... Seriously? I would expect better from a 4th grader, much less a person whom I presume is an adult. What you expect or not doesn't concern me. Get over yourself.As far as my comment goes,.. If my employer imposed a search upon myself and threatened my employment as leverage to get cooperation, then I have no problem imposing hardships upon them to conduct such a search. Lets see how they feel rummaging through rotten produce to complete their search.
  6. Your telephone service provider has a record of that e-mail. Did you have any questions you'd like to ask regarding your situation?
  7. They are supposed to issue your pay in the same manner as was before you resigned. If you are due wages that were not paid on your scheduled payday then you have the right to file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor against whichever company issues your pay. They will investigate the issue on your behalf and order the company to pay your wages if they are due. You can also, if you chose, file suit in small claims court.
  8. Weren't you served with a summons to go to Court over this matter? Did you ignore that summons thus giving the collection agency a default judgment against you? It might be a little late to seek representation for a case that is closed. Getting a "do-over" is going to be difficult at this point.
  9. You shouldn't have any trouble getting a refund. I paid half cash and half on a credit card. They reimbursed the credit card right away however, I had to wait a week to get a check from their headquarters for the cash I paid. Just make sure you don't take the glasses because the 30 day clock ticks from the date of your purchase, not delivery.
  10. One more thing... If you have a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly, you'll be able to find the frame measurements stamped on the inside of the frames. Don't forget to get your PD measurement from Pearle Vision. They never put that measurement on your prescription, you have to ask for it. DO NOT try to measure it yourself, you'll never get it right. Sometimes Wally-Mart or Costco will measure that for you for free.
  11. My link to Coastal above wasn't working so I posted it again for you. They go by the name Coastal Contacts, Coastal.com and CoastalContacts. You can find them on YouTube also where others can show you how to select your glasses. There are 4 things you should become familiar with. (1) Lens width..the width of a single lens. (2) Bridge width...the distance between the lenses where your nose is. (3) The Arm length...the distance of the arm from the lens to the end that goes behind your ear. All these distances are measured in Millimeters. My frames are: 53-18-140 53=Lens width 18=Bridge 140=Arm
  12. I had this exact same problem with Pearle Vision. I bought two pair and the distance glasses had a water spot where the Anti Reflective coating was improperly applied. The reading pair Rx was so off that I could only see clearly at a very specific distance and any eye movement to the left or right distorted my vision. Pearle Vision is notorious for producing poor glasses. They can't get the prescriptions right the first time. So many people have complained over the internet regarding their lack of quality control. I would bet if you took those glasses to another optometrist and had the prescription checked, that they would be able to prove that they are not the proper prescription (glasses don't match your prescription that was given). Take them back, demand a full refund. Even if they don't refund all your money right then, do NOT take those glasses with you, leave them with Pearle Vision. If they give you any slack whatsoever, then file a complaint with your credit card company saying they're charging you for faulty merchandise and you'll get your money back. You won't get your prescription money returned, just the cost of the eye glasses. Then take your prescription (that you had to pay for) and make SURE they tell you what your PD (Pupil Distance) is (sometimes they don't want to tell you that) and order your glasses online at Coastal . Their reputation and quality far surpasses that of any LensCrafters aka Pearle Vision and you'll pay half the price and they DO guarantee your glasses for 365 days FULL REFUND. Stay away from 39dollarglasses.com because they sell garbage frames and cannot fill prescriptions correctly. I JUST went through this same situation. You'll be so happy with Coastal.com Experiment with their online Frame selection process for a couple of days before you make your final decision so that you know HOW to shop for glasses. Warn others!
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your experience at the hospital. Unfortunately, many health care providers are exposed to the grief and pains of others to the point of becoming insensitive to their complaints. Even if you had a broken leg and was screaming at them, they have the ability to simply switch off their feelings so that they can remain focused on their job. If your complaint is with a hospital, you may wish to contact the American Hospital Association (AHA) or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) If your complaint is with a physician; a number of hospitals and group practices have grievance mechanisms in place for patients to lodge complaints. Check with the hospital. Lastly, you can seek legal advice from an attorney. Some will offer a free consultation. I hope you're feeling better.
  14. Mississippi labor laws do not mandate breaks or lunches for employees. Employers may elect to voluntarily provide breaks and lunches, but they are under no obligation to do so. Federal Laws In the absence of state laws, federal law provisions are applied. In the case of lunch periods, federal law also fails to require that employers provide rest periods. Paid Hours The Fair Labor Standards Act views break periods of 20 minutes or less as paid work time, and lunch periods of 30 minutes or longer are counted as unpaid rest time. Mississippi employers who elect to offer breaks and lunches must abide by these stipulations. Mandated Breaks Certain workers--such as airline pilots and interstate truckers--are covered by federal laws that require certain break and lunch periods. Mississippi employees may also have defined lunch periods in a collective bargaining agreement. Rescinding Breaks Except in cases where required by federal law or collective bargaining agreement, employers in Mississippi can at any time rescind the voluntary break or lunch periods they provide. Considerations Mississippi is not alone in its lack of specific laws regarding rest periods. As of 2010, only 20 states had enacted such legislation. I copied and pasted that for you from here.
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