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  1. I ended up contacting the original settlement attorney who was able to convince the builder into a boundary line adjustment since it was the least expensive option. Builder believed easement might hurt the sale of the encroached property which he still owns. We're sharing the cost to do this as well. Thank you.
  2. For some reason there was never a survey done after the house was completed. This was a builder spec home in his development.
  3. I would like to know our options to resolve driveway encroachment that the builder/developer placed 6 feet outside our property line? The builder/developer still owns the adjacent property (which has a newly constructed home) so is it possible that we get an easement approval from him? We do not have owner's title insurance. We have lived in our house 3 years but this was just discovered by our potential buyer's surveyor. We are selling to move into a different school district. Thank you.
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    Should I retain an attorney now or after charges have been filed by police? I was a victim in a recent assault but charges are still pending because I just did identify the 3 people who attacked me (did not have last names originally). The officer working the case works mostly nights so it's been slow progress last few days. Thank you
  5. My step daughter just learned that her Dad never formally divorced his last wife (#3) and they have now been separated 20 years. Neither of them ever remarried so he doesn't think it's a big deal - should she convince her Dad to formalize his divorce now and is this a very difficult process? They were only together for 1 year and they didn't have any children. His house ownership was transferred 20 years ago into his name only. This is in Maryland.
  6. What should my daughter do if the Realtor is refusing to accept next months rent payment even though they have a 1 year signed lease? This is in Maryland. My daughter was told to vacate the property after she complained about a possible mold problem under the house. She had notified the Realtor by email and pictures and she recently sent certified letters to both the realtor and the property owners. Thank you
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