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  1. Yes. My kid can grab something to eat while watching class. The concern here, isn't the lack of being able to eat during class, but a "break", somewhere in between the 6-7 hours of her classes. I did not ask administration yet. I find it amusing that there's regulation for teachers' breaks, and regulation for employment breaks, as well as breaks for minor children who are employed. I just wanted to inquire about it. Thank you for your input.
  2. I have a a 9th grader who attends her High school curriculum at home, through a public E School. I would like to know if there is a state regulation that mandates a minimum lunch break in the students schedule. We are in Ohio. She started 9th grade, and attends live instruction classes, from 8:30am to 2:30, and sometimes until 3:30. There is NOT ONE break in between each class, NOR A LUNCH, implemented on my child's schedule. Is the state forcing these E schools to cram a full day of school, to avoid paying teachers for a longer day? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. Harrylime, I do wish to process criminal charges against my sister, and I mentioned this several times to my atty. He said the judge may turn it over to the prosecuting atty's office due to the evidence. If he doesn't, will the district atty's office automatically hear my case?, or will they review the evidence and decide if they want to take it. As I stated, my current atty., appears to be hanging on to my case, because we havn't located where my sister put my moms assets. Evereything was put into her name during the last year and a half, and moms net worth was probably around 3 million. My question is, can the district atty's office pick up where my atty. left off?, and begin a criminal investigation? Thank you, spagetti
  4. My sister who was appointed power of attorney and executor of my parents' estate, has transferred funds, spent thousands of dollars, and namefd herself sole beneficiary to all my mothers assets, with a transfer upon death policy, because mom was incompetent. With all this proof of evidence, should',t I be able to take my case to a criminal lawyer from this point? My trial lawyer wants to produce an attorney(he knows), to be the representative/executor to take over, after my sister is removed of her executress duties. Wouldn't a criminal lawyer do the same while preparing a case for criminal prosecution of embezzlement? Starting to think my attorney is milking the case, when we feel he is at the end of this cases' as far as his duties. By the way, we are in Ohio
  5. Harrylime, you aren't addressing the question I have about a reproduced false will. No, to the question of ,"is my sister following through on her fiduciary duties". This is why I'm bringing the issue about whom my father named as his executor, and who is currently named as executor. Please re-read my original question. Thank you spagetti
  6. What do you mean ?,you don't know what I mean by this? Yes. my sister was named executor, but a person who was there at signing states that she is not the executress.? Yes it has been admitted to probate.
  7. I live in Michigan, and my mom passed 4 years ago. My dad passed 8 months ago, and although their wills state that their estate be equally divided amongst my sister and I , I have a strong suspicion that my sister (who is named executor), had my fathers will recreated as an original. I know and have heard from one of the persons who witnessed my parents' will signing, state that my dad named me, and not my sister as executor. So one would think so what? The will states that everything is to be divided up between the two of us right? I believe by my sister producing a false original, that this gave her power to gain financial control of assest in general. I looked at the wills, and they are diff. shades of paper even though they were done on the same day. Things look to be exactly as my moms, even the notary stamp is in the exact spot of each individual will. I mentioned this to my attorney, as i am willing to have an expert evaluate them, but he doesn't think this is important evidence. I do, as I also know that some attorneys string their clients along, for financial gain. Let's face it. If every this were true, my sister would be commiting a felony, and slam dunk, my attorney wouldn't have to dig deeper. Your opinion please. Thanks, sparky
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