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  1. <msg type='mb' version='1'><msgText>i was in an accident and i did not have insurance at the time. I got insurance the same day. The person I hit filed a claim with the state of Missouri for damages totaling 2600.00 for injuries and medical cost. I in-turn put that amount of money up with the state as a payment for the person. The person's attorney then filed a claim with his insurance company under the uninsured motorist portion of his policy for 25,000.00 dollars and the insurance company paid it. Now they want me to reimburse them for that amount of money. MY question is. Is there a possible fraud being committed here by the attorney, his client, or both. Second, was there negligence committed by the investigator, or claims adjuster for the insurance company? Third, what legal recourse do I have against all parties as well as legal defense?
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