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  1. New counsel was just appointed on June 4 and has not made contact with inmate at this time. I am hoping that something productive can come out of all this.
  2. Michigan In 1998, I fell at work and landed on my feet and then the forced caused me to land on my backside. I went to the ER via ambulance and had x-rays done on my back, confirming a compound fracture of the T12 verbrate. 14 years later, I am suffering from back and hip pain. The back pain has been present since the original injury date but the hip started about 6 months ago. I believe that these are problems derived from the fall. Could I get the company to pay for additional medical attention after all these years? I am currently out on long term disability due to a non-associated incident. Thanks for any information. Recee
  3. Michigan- 12/29/2011 counsel filed involuntary dismissal motion and request for new substitute counsel to be appointed Defendant recieve letter regarding the motion being Granted:2/27/2012. However, the line requesting new appointment of counsel had a line drawn through it. 2/28/2012: acting as pro per defendent filed motion for new counsel 3/21/2012 Appellate Court (AC) send order for lower court to appoint new counsel AC retaining jurisdiction Order sent via PDF. 5/08/2012 Lower court clerk claims that order wasn't received. That an order would be processed and sent ASAP. Upon hearing of this "error," defendent feels as though his case is being delayed purposely. QUESTION: Is there any consequences that can be lodged against the lower court for the eight (8) week delay in processing the order of the Appellate Court and does the defendant have any recourse in this matter?
  4. Background: An inmate serving double life sentence in GA knows of warrant from MI. Inmate then writes the US Marshals Middle Office in Macon, GA. Return letter from US Marshals states that the detainer was lifted. Question: Does it mean when they say the detainer was lifted? Does that mean the charge in MI goes away? Or just that the US Marshal will not arrest the inmate if he ever leaves custody of GA? How long is that valid for?
  5. I have a friend in one of MI's prisons that was convicted of a crime in 1976. He fled the jurisdiction prior to being sentenced. He returned to MI in 2008 as a parolee from GA. In 2011, he was arrested and was sentenced in July of 2011 for the conviction of 1976. He is currently trying to get the conviction overturned. The trial records were destroyed due to state statutes. Has this person a chance of getting this dismissed?
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