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  1. It is in reguards to a divorce. She did not put the place of where we were married correctly. She has the wrong state and city. Does the papers she put in to the court have to be changed and then we start over?
  2. Also who do I need to report this to? Do I simply just call the police and inform them of the violation of 18 Pa.C.S. ยง 4904?
  3. My wife has signed the verification when you filed for divorce. She has out right lied in the documents. What are the penalties for unsworn falsification to authorities in PA?
  4. thank you very much for all your help, this is such a confusing and crazy divorce.
  5. she has filed for divorce, but in pa and only with pa marriage certificate. does this mean she will have to refile in order for the divorce to begin or be legal?
  6. I got married in NC and then six months later I got married to the same person in PA. What do I have to do to get divorced? I have two different marriage certificates to the same person what do i need to do?
  7. My wife and I own a home in PA. She told me to leave so I did as she asked. I was sending her money for the mortgage for some time then stoped because she got a roomate. I just found out the home has not been paid for in about 8 months and I informed her that I would be moving back to the house due to her not paying for it. I am going to resume paying for the home to keep out of forclosure. My question is am I able to do this legally? Or is the fact I left then came back abandoment?
  8. Does anyone know how old a child must be to make their own choice on who they would like to live with between the mother and the father for full time? My agreement is in PA and my kids live with their father now but my daughter wants to come live with me the mother. Any help will be great!
  9. This is in PA. I am a disabled vet and used my VA loan to buy my home. I am to live in the house as my primary residence. What happens if I move out? Do I need to let the VA know? Also if my wife wants to keep the house and I do not? Is there anything I can do if she will not put it up for sale? I am trying to avoid anything happening to my credit. Any info would help. Thanks. [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  10. I live in PA I am the primary lien holder of the house that my wife lives in. I still have property that is in our home that she lives in and wanted to get my property out of the home. She changed the locks and says I can only come when she is there. Is this true? The things I want to get are on my credit cards. Is that enough proof that they belong to me? What am I not alowed to take we have no agreements through the courts. I am really confused on what my rights are can someone help TY!!!!
  11. Im from PA. Ive been seperated from my spouse for about 9months now. I moved out of our house that I am still on the mortgage too and still pay half the mortgage every month. I am now trying to get the things in my house that belong to me and she has changed the locks and states I cant come in when I am available only to her convienence. Is this right? What are my rights??? Please help. Thank you.
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