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  1. This happened in San Diego, CA. I was driving a friends car with her in the passenger seat. I was pullin out of a parking lot where the left oncoming traffic view was obstructed by a parked car. I attempted to look for oncoming traffic and could not see anything. Than I pulled forward to the point where I saw a motorcycle coming from that direction and immediately stopped. The nose of my car was maybe 2 feet into the street at this point and I was no longer moving. The biker seemed to be traveling too fast but it all happened so quick I cannot say for sure. He was about 15-20 ft by the time I saw him and his reaction was to slam on the brakes. He lost control and dropped the bike. It ended up sliding parallel to the car and passed in front of it without touching my friends car. That will give you an idea of how much passing room he had. Anyways there was no collision and I called the police and stayed to make sure he was O.K. and the police wrote a report and took my information. I'm wondering who would be found at fault and if it's me what I could have done different to avoid this?
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