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  1. well this was a waist of my time some one asked me this question and im just trying to answer it for them. Im not a student but I thought this site was about getting help for questions like mine so if your not going to give me an answer to my question why should i keep using this site
  2. five months ago a person moved to a city in Alabama from a different state. this person now wishes to run for city council but i have found a few things i need answers for the first is a 1998 Alabama state statute states that a candidate for state supreme court judge must have resided in the state for three years prior to the election.2 A 2000 Georgia state statute states that individuals running for any county or municipal office must have resided in the county or municipality for six months.3 Reisin v. city. a Georgia state supreme court decision holding that a person running for any municipal position must reside in the municipality for three months.4 American Jurisprudence Second section, which provides that most states have a three month residency requirement for the purpose of eligibility to run for municipal positions. what i need to know is which is the primary authority and which is the secondary which authoritys is mandatory and why and which authority can be persuasive and why.
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