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  1. My mother passed away more than a year ago. Heirs are me (son), 4 daughters and her late 2nd husband's children. Daughter 3 was named executor and is married to a lawyer whose firm was retained to handle the will. Both the executor and her husband have had medical problems and have become unresponsive. What options do I have for obtaining information on the status of the will? A broker who has managed the assets of the estate (stocks, bonds - there is no real estate) is waiting for instructions.
  2. Thanks again. That sounds like exactly what I was looking for except I don't know what the grant of letters is. Is that around the time of death or later? It has been about 5 or 6 weeks since then.
  3. Thanks for responding. I think she was always executor or power of attorney or whatever even while my mom was still alive and in skilled nursing care. She always handled all the bills and I know she had a financial adviser or stockbroker or something. The simple thing to do would be to contact her or another sibling and I probably will. I just wondered how much time typically passes after a funeral before these things usually happen or if I need to do anything.
  4. My mom passed away about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I am one of a few surviving children and I know I was in her will. My father died years ago. One of the other children is the executor. I have never been through this before. Am I supposed to do something or call someone? Should I expect to hear something automatically at some point?
  5. In 2005 my daughter (an adult) was charged with theft in Philadelphia and released pending a hearing or trial. She never returned and an active bench warrant remains on her record. I suspect it was a minor offense since they released her. What would be the best way to get this resolved?
  6. This is a followup to my earlier inquiry. I have since stumbled onto my daughter's record (PA). Drug possession in 2001 (withdrawn); a series of single event charges including possession, conspiracy, theft in 2004 (withdrawn); theft in 2005 that has both an arrest date and an active bench warrant but the case is labelled inactive and issuing an access device to an unauthorized person in 2008 (awaiting disposition). I remember that and I thought it was pleaded down to disorderly conduct and closed. Can these things be expunged? Is there a statute of limitations on them? Is there a way to close that 2005 case?
  7. I want to try and clear my daughter's record who is an adult in PA. She thinks all the charges against her were dismissed but I don't think she knows and neither do I. I don't think she was ever sentenced to prison and all of the offenses occurred at least a couple of years ago but I suspect there was a felony involved. This is to create better employment possibilities. Can I see her record? Can I get it expunged and does it matter if they are convictions or just arrests? Does the age of the offense(s) make a difference?
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