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  1. Check on your laws for your state, like you have on stature. For the most part, the Insurance Company that has a "contract" with should stand behind the repair as long as you own the vehicle. I would call the 800 number you used to call in the claim. Anyone should be able to handle the question you have. Make sure you have the claim number to give them when you call to make it easier to look up the information. If the other party's Insurance Company does not help you, you can contact your Insurance Company to tell them what is going on to see if they can help. Finally, you can contact the Insurance Commissioner in your state to start a claim with them. NOTE: For the most part, when an estimate is generated, they should look for the "point of impact" and around the area for damage. They should send your vehicle to alignment. What they tell you is that if the alignment shop finds that the damage is a part of the damages, the Insurance Company should pay for the additional repair. If is not a part of the damage then you are responsible to pay for the additional repair at the alignment shop. Good luck with this, I hope it helped.
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