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  1. My car was hit by a man who had a huge trailer attached to his truck at a strange angle. Immediately after I drove my car my steering wheel would shake if I drove over 60mph. There was also some cosmetic damage. I had no problem with the other party. I decided to take it to a body shop that is contracted with the insurance. They fixed the cosmetic parts of my car but they did nothing about the way it drives now. The auto body shop told me, my car was old (00 Honda accord) and there was nothing they could do about it. Well my car needs to be fixed and it's been about 4 months and I need to get it fixed, it drives so rough I have to turn my radio up real loud. I live in Oklahoma and I know the statute od limitations is 2 years but am I able to take it somewhere else to get it fixed? I've called the adjuster and left message but he wont call me back. What can I do?
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