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  1. harry-- yes, very poor wording indeed given the fact that "heir at law" is a term used when a person dies without a will. Anyone else have any ideas?
  2. Here's the brief situation. State of Texas. Bob is married to Thelma. Bob and Thelma have 4 children. Bob creates a will and a trust. Bob dies and trust is instructed to "take care" of Thelma until her death. At her death, whatever is left in the trust is to be divided equally among the 4 children, or their "heirs at law". Thelma dies a year after Bob. One of the 4 children, lets call her Diane, died 2 years before her father Bob died. Diane was married before her death to Clarence. Clarence and Diane had 4 children. No change was made to the will or the trust (concerning Diane) after Bob's death. Now, concerning Diane (since she predeceased her father), who are the "heirs at law"....Clarence? Or the 4 children? Or both? Clear as mud? Thanks.
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