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  1. Also, the body shop stated that this insurance company is well known to use aftermarket parts. As this is a show-car, and the vehicle has all OEM parts, I believe only New OEM parts should be used. What do I need to do to ensure this is done?
  2. I am in California. I was involved in a traffic accident yesterday. I was at a red light, and had been stopped for at least a minute. The light turned green and I began to go, but the vehicle behind me accelerated much faster than I did And hit me very hard. I was on my way to work out of town, and needed my car to be fixed ASAP for traveling for the upcoming holiday weekend. I filed a claim with the other party's insurance, and took my vehicle to the body shop I know and trust. While I was there, I arranged to Get a rental car. While at the rental car agency, the employee told me I needed to contact the other party's insurance before I could get a car. I called and talked to a "claims adjuster" where I gave my statement of what happened. The adjuster stated that they could not authorize a rental car until they spoke with their insured party and they were not able to get a hold of them.. On top of that, the insurance adjuster stated they would only pay for a vehicle comparable to my vehicle. I drive a fully loaded 2008 Roush Mustang GT, and they said a comparable car was a Toyota Corolla. This was unacceptable to me as I am 6'2" tall, and this vehicle was too small for me to be comfortable in. In order to get to work, I rented a vehicle out of my own pocket. I rented a larger vehicle, which was $1.75 more per day than the adjuster said they could cover. Is there any way to get the other party's insurance to pay me for my rental car, and pay for the upgraded rental car that I could actually fit in???
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