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  1. I didnt ride the bike to Yuma, i trailered it.
  2. I appreciate your answer. I am fighting the dui or whatever is decided to be the charge. One offer to me was Reckless Driving which is a mis-demeaner in Yuma but as the records hit WA state and the insurance company my license and upsurge in coverage was not an option. My record is 0 tickets, accidents, arrests of any kind, no drug abuse. I have an excellent credit rating plus a 100% disabled Veteran and total ss disability. I take charges of any kind seriously since I am not guilty. I will fight and with the help of my attorney I hope to have this disolved. Ithink this will be interesting,,would you like the findings when this is over?
  3. I live in Washington stateand was visiting Yuma, AZ I was driving my Goldwing Motorcycle. I came to an intersection and stopped as the light was red. I put my foot down and my shoe slipped on broken loose pavement. My 1000 lb bike rolled to the right side. I picked the bike up with help from my passenger and was arrested by a police officer that observed the incident thinking I was intoxicated. I was not intoxicated. I was not driving wrecklessly. I was not speeding. I was stopped when the incident happened. I was taken to jail and booked and questioned without an attorney. No breathilizer or blood test was given. I was held overnight and bond was posted the next day and an attorney as hired. The DUI charge has been reduced to a possible plea of failure to control a vehicle. Let me say at the time this incident occurred medics were called and my blood pressure was very high. I was not injured and said I didn't want to go the the hospital but informed the officers that I was recovering from prostate cancer and did need medications, this was ignored and was not given anything for my high blood pressure until 12 hrs later before the Yuma court lineup for the judge to set bond. At that time I was taken out of the lineup and taken to the dispensitory for medication then back to the lineup,,this delayed the hearing for about 1 hr which was disconcerting for all involved. I live on total disibility income from ss and va. I feel this is so messed up and the trip back to AZ will cost a lot for me but being charged with a driving violation and making a plea bargain and then to possibly be charged 1500 to 1700 dollars is against my idea of fairness. Even my attorney is surprized this has been drug out since Januaey 29th,2011 and today is Nov.11,2011. The Court in Yuma is possibly before 2012.
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