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  1. The neighbor did you a big favor and you're thinking trouble because the tractor is still there? Yikes. Bake him some cookies and gently ask him when he would be able to retrieve his tractor. For all you know he may be waiting on you to say whether there's more work or not.
  2. You didn't check all this when you bought the property. Anything you found out now could have been found out before even making an offer. Why are the terms of your title policy coming as a surprise to you now? Didn't you read it when you got it? Actually, even before you got it you would have gotten a commitment for title insurance that outlined what was covered and what wasn't. All I can suggest is that you pay for the surveys, and get the pins set in concrete and then photograph them with appropriate landmarks in the photos, so this doesn't happen again.
  3. You have no case against anybody but yourself for not having the right insurance. You own and drive a truck for a living. Insurance is your life blood. There's no excuse for being clueless about it. There is nothing you can do but pay your towing bill out of pocket and figure out how to repair or replace your truck with your own money. Before you put it on the road again, get yourself to an independent insurance agent who has experience with truckers' insurance and get it done right. Don't rely on anybody else.
  4. You could get your butt sued back into the stone age just for posting that flyer on this site. I strongly suggest you remove it and then remove Batman and Robin from the flyer.
  5. Since you apparently didn't, you'll have to go through probate now.
  6. And a necroposter of a 9 month old discussion. I hope you got some inner satisfaction chastising people with your superior intellect because it's not going to mean squat to any of us.
  7. I thought I answered this. Short of a lawsuit it's not going to happen. Understand, though, that the review will eventually sink to the bottom and nobody will care.
  8. I'm still not getting it and suggest you get back in touch with your lawyer as you may still have an enforceable agreement for alimony even if he quits his job. And you certainly may be able to enforce the lack of notice as part of the original court case.
  9. Yes, it's legal, and common. A Motion for Summary Judgment can be filed pretty much at any stage of the litigation. Google it and you'll find plenty of information about it. The jury trial is not moot. If you respond properly to the MSJ and get it denied you proceed to the jury trial. You have to respond to the MSJ and tell why the MSJ should not be granted. Absolutely.
  10. What agreement? Are you quoting word for word or just paraphrasing? Leaving what? Dismissed? What is "this"? What rights and how were they "dismissed"? Breaching an agreement (whatever that agreement may be) is not likely to be a "crime" subject to prosecution, fines, or jail, but it could be a tort (civil wrong) for which there may be a remedy. Well, you are going to have to come up with a much better explanation of what happened to you because your post is incomprehensible.
  11. So people like me can suggest things like this: A site like this is just a starting point. Had you mentioned your state I would have provided a link to information that you can easily find by googling the topic. But since you didn't, I didn't. PS. You generally don't need a lawyer to file for a name change. BTW, why isn't your name on the birth certificate?
  12. And you signed the lease anyway? Yikes.
  13. Hence my suggestion to check property ownership records.
  14. It occurs to me that you can also check with the state's business records to see how the business was set up and in whose name it was. https://ecorp.sos.ga.gov/BusinessSearch
  15. Probably. Married people typically own everything jointly with right of survivorship. Well, one thing you can do is look up their home in the county property records. If they owned it jointly with right of survivorship, she automatically got ownership the moment he died. And it's a good bet that, from there, everything else was owned jointly. And you would get nothing unless there were assets owned as his sole and separate property. That would be up to any given lawyer. All you can do is call around and ask.
  16. Google name change for a minor with the name of your state and learn all about the court process. The court might not allow it unless you are married.
  17. You should have sent a photo anonymously by mail.
  18. It's entirely possible that she didn't understand what was happening. Unless you speak her language fluently you may never know exactly what happened so there's no sense kicking a dead horse. Cancel the card if you like. The credit score will recover quickly.
  19. It's usually women that want to recant and forgive their abusers. They often wind up dead. Stop being stupid. This is a violent woman that has no business being in your life. Don't interfere with the prosecution. Keep your mouth shut until you go to testify and then tell what happened. Meantime, don't have anything to do with her.
  20. You mean what used car dealers still are. I got a chuckle at your last post. Not laughing at you. More of an ironic chuckle as I am closing on a house purchase this week after several months of looking and running into the same stuff that you've run into. The gimmicks, the games, the lying ads, photos that make everything look bigger, bidding wars. Not restricted to California. I'm in Arizona and that stuff happens here, too. It's unfortunate that it's a seller's market and the more desirable homes get multiple offers within the first few days on the market and often get bid above listing price. I'm an old guy who has had many years experience buying and selling a few houses along the way so I've gotten used to it all. I can tell you stories. You just have to keep plugging away at it until you find the house you want at the price you want and you just have to be willing to walk away when the BS starts. I walked away from plenty this year until I found the one that worked out for me. Just keep at it and one will work out for you, too. But never trust anything a realtor or a seller tells you without verifying it. Buyers' agents are no better than sellers' agents. They are also whores to the commission. After I move in, I'll put my old house up for sale and I'm sure I'll have a new round of BS from buyer's agents and low-balling flippers.
  21. Joe, is there something happening to you now, or has happened in the past, that gives rise to your questions?
  22. When I first got my hearing aids I was amazed at the sound of my feet on gravel, the sound of the wind, and peeing sounded like Niagara Falls.
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