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  1. If they catch you. Better be carrying documentation of your diagnosis with you.
  2. No, you haven't entered into the agreement. You made it clear that you declined it. However, if you don't want to accept their gag order, or want more than $450, you will have to sue for it. Anything you were previously "told" is moot. What counts is what's on an agreement that you sign.
  3. Bad idea. Could have told you that would happen. Wants to? There is no "wants to." There is sue or not sue. For her to sue you? Sure, it's possible. Nobody can predict the answer to that but I'm leaning toward no. All I can suggest is that you get your car back and see what happens. Then learn from the experience.
  4. According to Merriam-Webster "a-hole" is the proper euphemism. Might just be that the poor employee got a-hold (figuratively) of an a-hole.
  5. The termination was legal. But I'm with you. You have a right to stand up to aholes, especially violent ones and I applaud you for doing it. Just understand that, when you do that, it comes with consequences.
  6. Give us the from-to dates. When and how did that happen? Provide dates. Details count. Month to month rental agreements don't need signatures and they don't have to be in writing so you are going to have to provide a better explanation of what happened.
  7. It's possible that the utility company easement was platted when the land was originally subdivided. You can look that up in the county land records. Nothing illegal about that. It's quite common. There's a lot of ways to write an easement. You can include restrictions and limitations that require notice except for emergencies.
  8. The lawyers will be spending a lot of money on your behalf with no guarantee of winning. They are entitled to their payday. If you aren't willing to pay for representation either sit back and wait for the government to act or figure out how to do it yourself. Keep in mind that litigation is likely to take years and during that time you'll be out of a job and probably unemployable in your chosen field. If your "proof" is so strong why hasn't the government filed suit or brought criminal charges? Eh?
  9. I'm guessing that the board can remove her as secretary and then get the police involved if she doesn't return what belongs to the HOA.
  10. Once you committed the crime, there is no undoing it. My guess is that it's legal to search your person and what you are carrying once you have been arrested. Hire yourself a lawyer and stop admitting to your crimes on the internet.
  11. Or uphold the lower court's decision if it is not in error.
  12. Why are you asking? What happened to YOU that gives rise to the question?
  13. He doesn't need "records." Presumably he has his copy of the CC&Rs. He's free to walk the community, take photos of non-compliance, and go from there. Sure. But having the right to something doesn't mean you are going to get it. Where are the other board members on this matter? He's going to need their cooperation to enforce the CC&Rs. And put pressure on the Secretary for the records.
  14. What do you expect to learn from the interrogatories that he won't say in court?
  15. You keep opening new threads every time you have a question about your situation when it should have all been in one place. https://boards.answers.findlaw.com/topic/242796-weird-situation/?tab=comments#comment-623891 https://boards.answers.findlaw.com/topic/242847-confused/?tab=comments#comment-624159 https://boards.answers.findlaw.com/topic/243346-need-advice-asap/?tab=comments#comment-625771
  16. Does the guy even have a title? Did you see the title when you first made the deal? Before you decide on anything I suggest you demand to see the title and make sure he is the owner on it. Otherwise you could end up throwing another $800 down the toilet.
  17. You can sue him. If you win you can try to collect. Chances are that you'll never collect. This was just a bad deal from the beginning. Maybe you should just cut your losses, walk away from the deal, and learn an important lesson for the future.
  18. Improvements to the property would probably count in the equation but taxes and condo fees don't count any more than paying for water, electric, food and clothing. Those are day to day living expenses that everybody pays.
  19. No. You have to understand the difference between "ownership" and "marital interest." Her name is on the deed. She owns it. Your marital interest is based on the equity that has accumulated during the marriage. Equity is the current market value of the home less the outstanding balance of any loans. Equity accumulated during the marriage is the current market value less the market value at the time of the marriage less any outstanding loan balances. The purchase of the aunt's 50% for $10 is almost certainly going to be construed by a court as a gift. Gifts are generally the sole and separate property of the recipient. Any marital interest you have in the property is likely to be rather small.
  20. A letter to the President of the company should suffice. I can't give you step by step legal advice (and court clerks can't either) but my guess for the two cents that it's worth is you would file in the District Court of the county in which this is happening. Pick your county and it will take you to your court's website. https://www.courts.wa.gov/court_rules/?fa=court_rules.local&group=district There you may find court rules, forms and instructions. You can review the case files of the trial court, appellate court, and supreme court but there will probably be thousands of pages of documents to wade through. Consider contacting local legal aid.
  21. Then you need a lawyer. No question about that. Maybe contact the lawyer who won the case you cited. Note that one of the reasons that the neighbor won is that the neighbor notified the violators of his objection and of the restrictions. Have you done that? I suggest you do it in writing and cite that case like you have cited it here. Then, if they don't stop, you hire a lawyer.
  22. This is a 6 1/2 year old thread. Don't post on dead threads. You'll be reported, deleted, and banned if you keep doing it.
  23. No, it isn't. I already wrote that something appeared to go wrong. Make sure you don't leave out the important parts when you talk to the lawyer.
  24. Try another mortgage company, bank or credit union.
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