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  1. See if there is a local legal aid office or tenant rights organization in your city. One way or the other you will have to go to court and get a judge to compel the landlord to allow you to get your property back.
  2. I suggest you consult an attorney before Wednesday and review your options before you sign anything. And file for Unemployment Compensation ASAP. Beyond that I really don't see a wrongful termination but there are a couple of HR people who contribute here that may know more about it. Meantime, check out this site's wrongful termination page: https://employment.findlaw.com/losing-a-job/wrongful-termination.html
  3. If the record was expunged, why would the school people know about it?
  4. Should have been a .45. Then he'd be dead on your floor, his weapon in hand, and couldn't claim that you were chasing him around outside shooting at him. Seriously. If you manage to get acquitted of the charges, get yourself a .45. There are several small 5 or 6 shot handguns on the market that are just right for in-home CQC (close quarters combat).
  5. Yes. It's legal everywhere. The boss says what you do. You do it or you lose your job. No, the company doesn't have to pay you anything. Frankly, if it was happening to me I would say F--K No, not gonna happen with MY property. And I'd be looking for another job ASAP. Or, start driving into work and using the company computers to do your job like millions of others who don't have the luxury of telecommuting.
  6. Go after him for the arrears. You should have been doing that years ago. Get a lawyer if you have to.
  7. Did it ever occur to you to hand carry the documents to the tax office and get the name of the person you hand them to and maybe get a receipt?
  8. Right. I read 2013 instead of 2004. Take photos. OK, I'll go with maybe it isn't. But if the LL charges you for it and takes it out of your deposit you'll have to sue in small claims court.
  9. Well, you should have reported each incident in writing when it happened and followed up in writing every two weeks. Maybe so, but you did break it. It was only 6 years old. That's not very old for a microwave. It's damage. Then go buy it at Best Buy and save some money.
  10. Your "personal time" is an employee benefit, not a wage, so it's probably legal to punish your refusal by reducing your "personal time" available to you. Or, you could just be fired for not obeying the boss.
  11. Then what are you waiting for?
  12. Washington landlord tenant statute. You're a tenant. That's you. He has to give you written notice of at least 20 days prior to the end of the rental period. https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=59.18 That was stupid. Will you have the means in 20 days? Life lesson from the school of hard knocks: Don't move in with boyfriends.
  13. None. That he gave you his password one time means you have it for all time. No. But what are you going to do about it? Divorce him? If you aren't, just delete the files and hope he doesn't have backup copies. Oh, and find the camera. He certainly wasn't holding the camera while you were having sex so it's likely hidden somewhere.
  14. adjusterjack


    Good. If you hit a dead end with the license you'll need a lawyer to continue for you and see what can be done.
  15. adjusterjack


    Do you still drink alcoholic beverages?
  16. Yes, that's what it means. Are you willing to go to trial? Is there a chance that the prosecution won't meet it's burden of proving your guilt beyond reasonable doubt? Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?
  17. Expect a conviction. That's about to change. The ticket is just a notice. He'll testify as to what you were doing.
  18. Don't think so but you are welcome to talk to a lawyer about it.
  19. If her college gives a course in business law, she needs to take it and learn the consequences of signing contracts and then breaching them. She will owe rent from the date she was supposed to take possession until the landlord rents the apartment to somebody else. Ohio law is quite clear on that. See Dennis v. Morgan, 89 Ohio St. 3d 417 - Ohio: Supreme Court 2000 https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=2698589641397604684&q=Dennis+v.+Morgan&hl=en&as_sdt=4,36 She doesn't have to pay anything until the apartment is re-rented and the landlord presents her with a bill. She could, theoretically, be on the hook for the entire 6 months if the landlord has made reasonable efforts to re-rent but, for some reason beyond his control, cannot.
  20. Did you read the contract? Did you follow the instructions for cancelling the account? Not what somebody told you on the phone, but what is written in the contract. Anyway, if you were making automatic payments by credit card you can file a dispute with the credit card company to see how many months of chargebacks are available. You should have been disputing each monthly charge as it occurred.
  21. Yes, I used a successful remedy a long time ago when I had a crappy neighbor. Not a druggy. White trash. The kind whose property looks like a junk yard. I finally realized nothing would ever change so I sold my house and moved. Condolences. In many other states he would have been shot dead walking into somebody's garage or back yard. Problem solved.
  22. Actually, she's not. A person's "wishes" mean absolutely nothing after the person died UNLESS that person left specific instructions in the form of a will or a trust. The suggestions made to the previous poster apply to you, too. Start with the home ownership. If it was joint with right of survivorship you can either stop right there or spend lots of money opening probate under intestacy.
  23. Setbacks and permits are two different things. Setbacks are often deed restrictions or legal restrictions that existed when the property was first platted. Permits have to do with building codes but would include setback requirements. If you can't get the solar approved because of the location of the shed you'll have to move it or tear it down and build another. Is there no process for a variance? You are grandfathered. You can keep the shed forever, until you want to do something new to the property and then you have to meet all the current codes and regulations.
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