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  1. Your state's corporation commission or secretary of state websites ought to have all that information. Google IRS EIN, too.
  2. Did one of you leave and the other stay? Or did you both leave? Who paid the security deposit in the first place?
  3. So take care of it now. Bring the payment to the dealer and get your car back. Why haven't you done that?
  4. Wag, did you look up your (Blue Button) records on the VA website? If the VA ordered or authorized the exam there may already be a copy of the results in your records.
  5. Sorry, you're out of luck. Make sure you put everything in writing that needs repair. When your lease is up, remember the lesson you learned today.
  6. Are you saying that the dealer repossessed the car for non-payment? If yes, nothing illegal happened, if that's what you are asking. Bring your payments up to date and you'll get your car back.
  7. Fixes Artesian wells. Those Artesians are quite versatile.
  8. I didn't read your post. Too long, hard to read font. Bottom line: Your son knows what he did, admitted it, and is going to jail for it. What's your goal here? If you want his sentence reduced he can file an appeal based on ineffective counsel. That's going to require a HIRED lawyer, not a public defender. Be prepared to spend $10,000 and up. If you just want to get the lawyer in trouble file a complaint with the state's lawyer regulatory agency. I doubt that it will go anywhere and your son's sentence won't change.
  9. That would help the next person who slips, not you.
  10. You should have led with that important bit of information. The fact remains, she needs to call the police about the car and the situation and do it ASAP. Given her situation, nothing bad will happen to her. One alternative occurs to me. If she can get into the car and find insurance papers she can just call the insurance company and have them pick up the car.
  11. How does she not know for six months that the car was in her garage? That makes no sense at all. Another 8 months and she's just addressing this now?
  12. Hell, no. You can rent a pick up truck at U-Haul for $19.95 a day plus mileage. I think you and your son are being ridiculous about your claim expectations.
  13. It was up to you to ask as part of your due diligence before proceeding with the application. I'm pretty sure that your taxes will increase but I don't see how your neighbors' taxes will increase since there are no changes to their properties. I think your neighbors are just angry NIMBYs. (This is as good a place as any to post as we all read all the forums anyway.)
  14. Another HOA sob story. We see them about once a week on these legal websites. No, of course not. She can't rescind something that's already been approved and built. However, considering how hostile the HOA president is, I'm gonna guess that your friend will have to sic a lawyer on her to get the current request resolved.
  15. Above is almost a direct quote from Wikipedia, though rearranged a bit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-22_(logic) That doesn't make any sense. How did that person get your car and why can't you get it back. Give us facts, not hyperbole. I think there was an "and" missing, as in:
  16. There's a tax attorney who contributes here. Check back throughout the day. He'll be along.
  17. The US Fair Debt Collection Practices Act applies to debt collectors but not to the original creditor. See Section 805 regarding communication by the debt collector. https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/fair-debt-collection-practices-act-text#805 As far as I can tell, Kentucky does not have a statute that applies to the original creditor so the original creditor can dun you with impunity.
  18. Here's the Michigan eviction statute: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(uduclywsfa3ivl5kfoae4m5j))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=mcl-236-1961-57
  19. Since it's that easy, put your $400 per case where your mouth is and do it yourself. I repeat somebody else's question (which you ignored): How many have you won?
  20. Did you mean Federal law there?
  21. Read this: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/s-corporations I think any tax savings you imagine may be illusory. Besides, with depreciation, debt service, and expenses you might not have any taxable income on a rental for a few years, unless you pay cash for it.
  22. Yes, you need to defend against her claim as well as prove your counter claim. If, by some chance, she wins on the 1149.92 and you win on the 750.08 you would owe her 399.84. You need to win on both. In other words, a judgment that you don't owe her 1149.92 and she owes you 750.08.
  23. I'll bet money that there isn't any.
  24. Your chances of collecting just went from slim to none.
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