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  1. In the abstract any trustee of a trust is liable for not following the terms of the trust. But you've only said what the will says about the trust, you haven't said that a trust actually exists. If it turns out that your grandfather and his wife (at the time) owned everything jointly with right of survivorship (property, accounts, cars, etc) then everything passed to her at the moment of his death and there would have been nothing to put into a trust. If that happened then she would have done nothing wrong by not creating the trust. That being said, Louisiana has a different set of laws than the rest of the country and that might not apply. Which is why you should be relying on your lawyer and not strangers on the internet.
  2. Call the health department to verify whether the blood is a health code violation. I wouldn't think it's a hazard as long as you don't touch it. That the LL didn't sign the lease doesn't matter. You signed it and you are bound by it. He doesn't have to let you out of it. Illinois doesn't have much by way of landlord tenant law but what it does you can read at: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs2.asp?ChapterID=62 Scroll down till you get to it then study up.
  3. You're going to have to tell us what your goal is before anybody can comment on options.
  4. Then why does the fence going across the end of the driveway end at the corner of your garage? That could easily give someone the idea that the side of the garage was the property line. It's quite common in your part of the country for detached structures to go right up to the property line.
  5. I doubt that it's a crime. You could ask your lawyer. You make much of the ownership but Texas is a community property state and your ex has a marital interest in it unless the vehicle was specifically awarded to you in the divorce decree. Was it?
  6. Is this a private school or public school? Do you have a written contract? If yes, what does it say about being terminated for cause? If no, then you are employed at will and your job is at risk if you don't follow the instructions. It's easy to say stand on your principles. That's commendable. But doing so carries a great deal of risk. You have to decide if you want to teach math and that's it, or if you want to buck the system and end up spending a fortune on a wrongful termination lawsuit while you are unemployed.
  7. You got that right. Try that with me and you'll be looking for another buyer.
  8. No surprise there. It's a reasonable response to a landlord who is interfering with their right to quiet enjoyment of the property that they are paying you for. Can't say as I blame them. You would be wise to let them go, clean up the place and make it appealing to prospective buyers who want to live there, and you'll get it sold a lot faster and probably for a better price.
  9. I don't know. What does your contract say about cancelling within 5 days and how you do it. Did you follow the instructions in the contract?
  10. Yes. You're responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged items, exclusive of wear and tear. However, he is only entitled to the used value of the carpet, not new for old. Rental carpet typically has a useful life of 5 to 10 years depending on the original quality. Insist on a copy of his replacement invoice and negotiate from there.
  11. That has nothing to do with you deeding the property to yourself. How do you know? Did you review the divorce decrees in each divorce file? Never assume anything when it comes to divorce. There is something that will have to be done with the probate court, even if it qualifies for small estate handling. You have to be appointed representative of the estate. There's the big problem. You are going to have to determine if the wife has any community interest in the property. A community interest can be generated if your father used any of his income (which is community property) to support his solely owned property (like paid for taxes, insurance and/or maintenance). Worse, under California's intestate (no will) succession law the surviving spouse gets 1/2 of the estate plus any community interest (if any) and you get 1/2. Step 1 - File with the probate court to become representative of the estate. Step 2 - Ask the wife to quitclaim any interest she might have in the property. Record the quitclaim deed. Step 3 - As representative of his estate you can then execute a deed from the estate to you, provided all of his debts have been paid out of the estate's assets. If there wasn't enough money to pay his debts, you'll have to either sell the property to pay them, or pay the debts yourself so you can keep the property. I think you should talk to a probate attorney about all this before you make any costly mistakes.
  12. Probably not. But the warrant is active. Meaning that one day you get pulled over for a traffic infraction, the warrant comes up, and you spend several days in jail while you try to get it straightened out. I suggest you get yourself an attorney and get this taken care of before the stuff hits the fan.
  13. You probably can't transfer the property to yourself unless you are appointed representative of his estate by the probate court. Once you have that, you will have to review every divorce decrees from all his divorces to see if any of his ex wives have a claim to it.
  14. Here's the light. As long as you are being paid, do it and mind your own business.
  15. Yes, you do. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-hampshire/2015/title-xxi/chapter-261/section-261-10/
  16. Summit Racing has a set of 8 pistons for $337.99. There's a set of 8 pistons on eBay for $415.00. Get real, people, you aren't getting a set of 8 pistons for $59.91 or $57.50. Any car guy (or gal) who knows the difference between the piston and the Johnson rod knows that. Be my guest if you want to spend a few thousand litigating across the country to save a few hundred on a poorly worded ad.
  17. I found a similar add. 1 piston for $59.91. When you click on the arrow you can pick how many you want. Then click add to cart and the price is adjusted for the quantity you picked. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Federal-Mogul-H693CP30-FDMH693CP30-PISTONS-COATED-BBC/156173370 Trouble is, the body of the ad also says "8 pc" and "Set of 8." I'm a back yard mechanic and a reasonably prudent person when it comes to buying stuff online. I wouldn't have thought for a moment that I could get 8 pistons for $59.91 and certainly figured out that the quantity changes the total price.
  18. A will and a trust are two different things. The trust that, presumably, contains the assets specifies the duties of the trustee which are, in turn, regulated by the state's trust code. As trustee, you'll have no discretion to do anything beyond what the trust instructs you to do. If the terms of the trust don't give you the discretion to decide if the educational pursuit is worthy, then you hand over the money if the kid wants to go to manicurist school or AC repair school. Is your mother still alive?
  19. Gee. Right below the $57.50 it says quantity 1 and has a drop down arrow which likely would have changed the total price depending on the number of pistons you wanted. You got 1, now order the other 7. That's it.
  20. I think you are misunderstanding something. There is apparently a 6 month probationary period between placement and the final order during which the home situation is monitored. There are several options for revocation of consent by the birth parents: 63.2-1204, 63.2-1223 and 63.2-1234. As for the birth parent(s) having any post adoption contact with the child it's entirely up to the adoptive parents per 63.2-1220.2 through .4. The adoption statutes can be read at: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title63.2/chapter12/ Please rely only on the statutes and what your lawyer tells you, not anything else that you read on the internet.
  21. Nor have I. Insurance companies generally don't engage their attorneys until a lawsuit is received. Are you sure it was an attorney and not just an accident investigator? I'd be more inclined to believe it was an accident investigator. Getting a statement as soon as possible is just good claim handling. Wasn't their problem. Somebody visited during visiting hours. Hospital personnel have better things to do than scrutinize visitors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your attorney giving you an honest evaluation of your case when information comes to light that might have a negative impact on it.
  22. You really have to stop asking "what if" questions. There is no way anybody can answer them without knowing the terms and conditions of the condo documents. And if those terms and conditions make things too complicated then just sell the condo and live elsewhere, perhaps buy a small home where there is no association controlling your lives and you can do whatever you want with your property.
  23. The only tactic that stops a lawsuit is paying. If you are going to pay then it doesn't make sense to pay a lawyer as well, since the creditor is willing to take a payment plan. If you want to go ahead with the payment plan, understand that the agreement starts a new SOL so if you default on it it's 5 years all over again. Make sure you get the agreement in writing, locking in the balance and the terms, signed by somebody in authority at the creditor, and keep careful records of payments.
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