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  1. I have no idea what your reality is going to be. All I can do is tell you what the landlord tenant statutes say. In the absence of a grace period the eviction process starts with a written "pay or quit" notice per CCP 1161.2: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?chapter=4.&part=3.&lawCode=CCP&title=3. If you don't pay and aren't out by the end of the 3 days, the LL can file for eviction in court. If all goes well for the LL you can be put out by the sheriff in as little as 13 to 19 days from being served the eviction complaint. Once that happens the eviction goes on your credit report, follows you around for 7 years, and makes it so much more difficult to find a place to rent.
  2. 91 days since it's been more than a year. See 13-40-107(1)(a): https://law.justia.com/codes/colorado/2016/title-13/forcible-entry-and-detainer/article-40/section-13-40-107/ Put it in writing.
  3. Just pointing out that the city may have more leverage over you than you have over the city.
  4. Say "No." Say "No" Nobody's putting a gun to your head. That, and 5 bucks, gets you coffee at Starbucks. Good for them. Report that to your boss. See the Starbucks comment. OK, let's cut to the chase. You and your fellow employees are afraid to say 'No" to your boss because you fear losing your jobs. Well, as long as you all feel that way, he rules. It's all legal. No. There isn't anything you can present to your boss that will stop him. The only thing that will stop him is you saying "No."
  5. To sue somebody you generally have to have monetary damages. Exactly what monetary harm did the change do to you? If there is nothing to sue for you can report the forgery to the police and see if they will do anything. My guess is not.
  6. I'm sure there is. Haven't you ever heard of eminent domain? I'm sure there are many. Wouldn't do much good to list them all as there are probably an equal number of laws that can restrict what you can do with your property. Hire a lawyer.
  7. I read it that the landlord served the eviction summons 1 day after serving the non-pay termination notice, not 15 days after serving the non-pay termination notice. Eric, am I right about that? If so, you'll need to file an answer to the eviction complaint, moving for its dismissal as being premature. If you can't afford a lawyer I suggest you look for a local legal aid office or tenants' rights organization for help. Another way of getting the eviction dismissed is to pay the rent within the 14 days and bring proof of payment to the court if the LL doesn't voluntary dismiss the eviction.
  8. How are we supposed to know? Ask her: "Why do you want a mediator when I have agreed to your modification? Please explain?" Or is it that you didn't quite agree to her modification and there is still room for dispute? Wouldn't be the first time a poster gave us incomplete information.
  9. What did she say when you asked her why she wanted mediation when you are agreeing to her new terms?
  10. Good luck with that. Have you received your Darwin Award yet?
  11. IRS Schedule D and instructions for capital gains are at: https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-schedule-d-form-1040 I have no idea about California.
  12. You probably should be asking that of the investment company. But my guess is yes. The PA probate court website should have all the information you need.
  13. You're not writing for follow writers. You're writing for people who want a good story. If not calling the police makes sense in your story, the reader will buy it.
  14. Get the police involved. The shop is in possession of stolen property. You'll get your bike back.
  15. Not necessarily. I've read many stories and have seen much TV and movies were police aren't necessarily involved. However, if somebody calls 911, and paramedics are dispatched, it's likely that police will be dispatched at the same time. If the paramedics were dispatched from a 911 call, the police were likely already called. If, say, the paramedics came across a drowning boy, rescued him and took him to the hospital, it would be a matter of routine and probably mandatory procedure to radio for the police, too. Bottom line, though, it's fiction. You can write it any way you want.
  16. I agree. Fortunately, this lawsuit isn't costing you anything so sit back and enjoy the show. You can keep coming back to this thread with updates no matter how long the case takes.
  17. If you are a landlord and you waited 8 months to ask this question, you have no business being a landlord.
  18. He has to have insurance. He may have been obliged to provide evidence of insurance to the officer. If the officer didn't ask, then that goes a long way toward saying he doesn't have to disclose it. At any rate, your option is to sue him and his employer for the full amount of your repair cost. That's likely to scare up the insurance company. Yes. Even in civil matters, one has the right to remain silent and the burden is on the plaintiff to make a prima facie (google it) case.
  19. Did he say why? What is the close of escrow date in your contract? You should at least have to wait until that passes. If the buyer doesn't close on the scheduled date, you get to keep the earnest money and can sue for any other monetary damages that the buyer's recalcitrance causes you.
  20. Adaptability to climate is certainly a valid and legal criteria for hiring.
  21. I'll make a deal with you. Tell me the name of the government agency that did this, when it was done, the name of the charity and the circumstances and I'll be happy to do the research as to whether it was legal or not.
  22. The trouble with leaving unpaid debt behind is that, when it gets sent to collections, the collection agency adds interest, court costs, and attorney fees. Not what you DID owe but what you WOULD owe if it got to court and the creditor was awarded a judgment for the debt plus interest plus costs plus attorney fees. There's no way to dispute the debt now. The time to dispute it was when it was first incurred. All you can do now is ask for a payment plan, get a discounted lump sum settlement, ignore it and hope the statute of limitations runs out, or file bankruptcy.
  23. And if you have no idea from any of the other papers where she is located you'll have to hire a private investigator to find her.
  24. Late is late. I always served pay or quit notices on the day after the due date. Any landlord who doesn't do that is making a potentially costly mistake.
  25. In the abstract the only answer to that question is yes, it's possible. Whether it actually happens or not is entirely up to the store owner and impossible to predict. However, since you have been offered another dress, the store is meeting any obligation that it has. If you refuse, they have no further obligation.
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