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  1. Having your case dismissed because you didn't show up is not denial of due process. Refile your petition and next time make sure you start off early enough so you can call a taxi if your car doesn't start.
  2. How about by calling whoever notified you of the action and arranging to send documentation of the agreement.
  3. Start by having somebody wheel you to the management office where you can fill out the reasonable accommodation form.
  4. There is no "want to sue" there is only sue or not sue. But, yes, they can sue you because anybody can sue anybody for anything. They just aren't going to win. They are likely blowing hot air. In the future, don't write stupid comments anywhere.
  5. Condolences. Let's start with a few questions. 1 - Did she have a will? 2 - Where are her assets located? 3 - Has probate been opened in Georgia where she resided? If not, why not? 4 - Why is an Ohio lawyer handling anything when she lived in Georgia? 5 - What is your concern about the "unclear numbers"?
  6. There are some serious exclusions and limitations in the homeowners or renters policy for those kinds of damage. Didn't you understand that when you bought your policy. The "flyer" is not the policy. Didn't you get a letter explaining the decision? Lying about what? I'm sure that there is, if you are willing to pay him by the hour with a good size retainer. Call around to law firms for a consult. Now answer the following: What state is this happening in? What was the date that you discovered the damage? How did the water damage occur? Leaky roof? Something else?
  7. You were asked what your lease says about it. Please quote that portion of your lease word for word. Otherwise, there is no way anybody can comment intelligently about the situation.
  8. It's not principle, it's principal. A payment is applied to principal and interest in accordance with a mathematical formula. You don't get to say what is applied to what. You can use the following amortization calculator to see how your payments are applied: http://www.bretwhissel.net/amortization/amortize.html Keep in mind that the amounts may change slightly depending on the date that the payment is posted to the account.
  9. There isn't. You had every opportunity to do a thorough inspection of all the nooks and crannies, but you didn't. Two lessons: 1 - Always inspect thoroughly. 2 - Never believe anything anybody tells you when they are trying to sell you something. Even your buyer agent is going to lie to you to make sure the sale goes through without a hitch. Any belief that a buyer's agent represents the buyer's interests is delusional.
  10. Did you plead not guilty and go to court?
  11. 1 - You didn't have to exceed the speed limit to get to the rest area so the citation was proper. 2 - If you didn't pay the fine then the fees and hold are also proper.
  12. I suggest that the six of you pool your money and consult one ERISA expert.
  13. It's not your appellate decision that's costing you jobs, it's you record as an habitual offender. Employers see that record on the criminal background check, they don't go looking for appellate case decisions. As for your appellate decision being used in law schools, it's one of hundreds, maybe thousands, that are used as case studies in law schools.
  14. This is one of those "more to the story" things.
  15. Take photos of the conditions. I hope you put all your notices in writing.
  16. "I was told" is the most dangerous phrase in the English language. Then report it to the appropriate agency for removal. Or, keep it and hope nobody claims it. Make sure you make a photo inventory before you touch anything, just in case.
  17. No, you don't own it and you have to be real careful about trying to own it, lest the rightful owner come after you. If the property was not owned by the seller then the seller could not convey it to you. Which begs the question, why didn't you know about it before you bought the property or during the inspection contingency period or before close of escrow. Didn't you bother to inspect the property? Virtually every city and county in the country has an ordinance addressing abandoned vehicles on private property. Look up yours and follow the instructions on reporting it and having it removed.
  18. For the unpaid rent, not for the loss of the home. It would have been up to the owner to enforce the rental agreement while alive. If he didn't, there might not be an actionable claim for rent (laches).
  19. Plan documents. Memos. Correspondence. Anything that might make your benefits a contractual obligation of the employer. You might also talk to an attorney who specializes in ERISA, the federal law regarding retirement plans. Seems to me that there must be something that protects you from losing benefits that you have already acquired. I could be wrong.
  20. The best answer should come from the disability agency. However, my guess is that he not file a second claim until the WC doctor releases him for work. Then, if he can't work because he is not yet recovered from the surgery, it would be time to file the second claim. Again, that's just my guess. Bob needs to confirm that independently of strangers on the internet.
  21. Yes. Takes a few minutes on the IRS website. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/how-to-apply-for-an-ein Yes, if the house was solely in your Dad's name. No, if the house was owned jointly with right of survivorship. Read the deed. Only your Mom can answer that question. Were you paying the mortgage company or your Mom? If you were paying the mortgage company properly, the house shouldn't have gone to foreclosure. No. It belongs to your Dad's estate, which appears to need probate before you get anything. You can check with the probate court to see if probate was opened at some point. If it was, the will should be in the case file. If it wasn't you can open probate under intestacy and you may be able to claim a share of his estate, if there is anything worth claiming.
  22. To you or to current employees? That's the first question. Check it to see if you misunderstood something. If, indeed, they are discontinuing your benefits, you will need a thorough review of any documents issued by the employer regarding the retirement benefits. Obviously, we can't do that from here.
  23. You try re-reading it. Your questions: Followed this: And you called your children's behavior the "major issues." So I addressed your "major issues."
  24. Yes, I have lots of experience with something like that. It's called disciplining your children. You should try it. There's no excuse for their behavior when they are home alone. Since you are the custodial parent and they live there, there is plenty of punishment you can dish out. As long as you accept the behavior unchallenged you have nothing to complain about. PS: Nothing wrong with your ex dropping your kids off when you aren't home. They are certainly old enough to be on their own.
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