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    possible s corp bankruptcy

    I don't know what kind of records you kept or how you would check this in advance of a lawsuit but when you applied for the credit cards in the name of the business you might have given a personal guarantee without realizing it. Most people don't read the fine print to their eventual detriment. It's possible that any lawsuit would list you as an individual along with your business. Writing and calling isn't going to stop the dunning or a lawsuit so, realistically, why bother? Bankruptcy is premature. If you never get sued it won't be necessary if you don't mind the hassling. On the bright side, your SS is exempt from judgment. There are several other exemptions from judgment. See: https://www.thebankruptcysite.org/exemptions/georgia.html And there is some protection for your SS benefits while in your bank account: http://www.nclc.org/images/pdf/older_consumers/consumer_concerns/cc_protecting_fed_benefits.pdf I can't tell you what to do, it's your decision. Above is not legal advice just helpful comments.
  2. adjusterjack

    Possession of meth found on roadway

    Sure. Then that's something his lawyer should be addressing at his trial.
  3. adjusterjack

    Agressive wife threatens to dispose of furniture

    You hire a big truck and a couple of big guys and you go get whatever you can ASAP. Then forget about the rest unless you want to spend another $50,000 on litigation. Then get on with your life and let Karma take care of your evil ex.
  4. adjusterjack

    Employer Accessing Personal Emails

    Yes. You did personal stuff on the company property. It's fair game. Yep, there it is. You should have changed your password the minute you got home that day. A fishing expedition. You were apparently part of the owner's house cleaning efforts. He didn't need a reason to include you. Hope you filed for unemployment.
  5. You can't. No. Not against the rightful owner. But it might provide a cause of action for indemnification. But good luck chasing down a customer who bought a $20 T-shirt that cost you thousands in attorney fees. I suggest you abandon the idea.
  6. adjusterjack

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    Thank you. I get it now. Still, the judgment should have addressed that issue. If the judgment is silent on that issue then you are going to have to seek clarification from the judge.
  7. adjusterjack

    leathal force used to apprehend service dog

    Condolences on the loss of your dog but there's got to be more to the story. Where were you when your dog was running free on the 1/4 acre? What brought your dog to the attention of the animal control officer? You didn't answer the question about whether your yard was fenced.
  8. adjusterjack

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    You're going to have to explain that. If the employee was supposed to get 10% of the company in 2015 and gets 10% of the company today, what difference does it make? 10% is 10%. How does it become 5%?
  9. adjusterjack

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    So, if the company was worth a million dollars in 2015 and is worth a million and a half today, the employee would want the valuation date as of today and the employer would want the valuation date of 2015. Conversely, if the company was worth a million dollars in 2015 and is worth half a million today, the employee would want the valuation date as of 2015 and the employer would want the valuation date of today. If that wasn't specified in the judgment, then somebody did a pretty poor job of litigating.
  10. adjusterjack

    Which attorney should file the qdro?

    Hello, ilearned, maybe you can learn this: Don't post on threads that aren't current. Doesn't help and you annoy everybody by wasting their time.
  11. adjusterjack

    Voluntary Repo vs Repo

    A repo is a repo whether it's voluntary or involuntary. It's a default (breach) of your loan contract. Not only does it trash your credit but if you turn the car in you'll find that you probably owe a lot more on it than it will sell for at the dealer's auction and you'll be hit with a great big bill for the balance. Call your lender and find out what the payoff is on the loan. Compare that amount with Craigslist ads for the same car with comparable mileage and features. If you can sell it privately and pay off the loan, do it, even if you have to come up with cash to make up the difference. It's the only way out without trashing your credit and possibly getting sued. You've just learned a hard life lesson. Car dealers are liars and thieves. They go to school to learn how to cheat customers without crossing the line into anything actually illegal.
  12. And report the notary to the Secretary of State. https://www.sos.la.gov/NotaryAndCertifications/BecomeALouisianaNotary/Pages/default.aspx
  13. adjusterjack

    please someone explain

    Doesn't have to be running. Wherever you parked, you are presumed to have driven there. If your husband was in the driver's seat he is presumed to be the driver. Certainly a legal reason for the contact. Mouthing off to cops is the stupidest thing anybody can do. A pat down for weapons is also legal. Yeah, more stupidity. Now he needs a lawyer. More mouthing off. Look, the way to survive a traffic stop is you do what the officer's tell you to do without mouthing off. If there are any issues with what they do, your lawyer can address those issues in court. Again, if there was anything wrong with the search your lawyer can address that in court. Foregone conclusion to refusing the test under your state's implied consent laws. That you can't find anything is irrelevant. It's done. Your husband needs a lawyer instead of you seeking advice from strangers on the internet.
  14. adjusterjack

    Enforceable Time Zone

    No. It takes two to tango. If you give in on this petty argument, it's over, and you save your strength (and money) for bigger and more important issues.
  15. adjusterjack

    Enforceable Time Zone

    There's a one hour difference between Mountain and Pacific time zones. What kind of moron makes an issue out of something that petty?
  16. Why can't you get your own ITIN now? It occurs to me that you might have to file quarterly estimated tax and that could give you a problem if you file under the wrong ITIN. T_C, what say you?
  17. adjusterjack

    Vacation contract

    You've already been stiffed. Options: 1 - Sue. You might win the money, but you'll lose your job. 2 - Keep your job and get over it. 3 - Seek employment elsewhere.
  18. What you did was probably illegal so your friend has you over a barrel if he wants to claim ownership. What will you do, go to court and admit that you defrauded the IRS? No, I have know idea how you fix this mess. I suggest you consult an attorney.
  19. That's up to the people signing the agreement. Depends on where the signer is when he signs. That's where the notary has to be because all the notary is doing is witnessing the signature and attesting that the person signing was properly identified. If you are in the US when you sign then you need a notary licensed in the state where you are when you sign. If you are in some other country when you sign you need a local notary there.
  20. adjusterjack

    primary lessee

    There is no primary, you're all jointly and severally liable to the lease. That mail is addressed to the first name on the list, or that management uses the word primary, is meaningless. Just imagine the words "et al" after the name because anything addressed to one of you is addressed to all of you. Works just like a joint bank account, a loan contract, an insurance policy, or anything else where there's more than one name.
  21. You can get a duplicate from the DMV. Oh come on. Nobody at any insurance company specified that those particular items couldn't be retrieved. Then you are not understanding correctly. There was chaos. Many apartments to be cleaned out. Lots of employees running around trying to get a handle on things. Nobody is obligated to sit there hour after hour just trying to figure out where you were. Well, now you know where you made your mistake. Relying on what somebody "told" you instead of getting back there on day one after the storm and getting your stuff. If you think somebody is going to be punished for tossing damaged stuff after two weeks, it isn't going to happen.
  22. adjusterjack

    Incorrect Felony on Criminal Record

    You have no felony conviction prior to being charged as a felon in possession? https://law.justia.com/codes/georgia/2010/title-16/chapter-11/article-4/part-3/16-11-131/
  23. adjusterjack

    Collecting Property Settlement after death of ex.

    You can enforce your divorce decree against his estate. If the son has hidden the assets to avoid paying the debts of the estate he can be held liable for the money. We can't give you step by step procedural advice. I suggest you consult an attorney.
  24. adjusterjack

    Accident with company truck

    A lot more than just WC depending on whether your own insurance opted for "full tort" or "limited tort." You can google Pennsylvania no-fault auto insurance for an explanation of those terms and then read your own policy. Yes it would. Just understand that whatever settlement he gets from the other driver's insurance - 1/3 will go to the lawyer and part of the rest will go to reimburse WC for its costs. Whatever is left goes to your husband and could still be substantial depending on the extent of his injuries. With regard to lost earnings, on a personal injury claim, he could be entitled to the full amount of his earnings including lost overtime if he can show consistent past overtime earnings. Again, what WC pays toward lost earnings gets reimbursed. An attorney can explain all that a lot better than this small space would allow.
  25. adjusterjack

    How can I know ?

    On other sites the OP has revealed that his question involves New York. Hence my response. In NY, financial advisors are registered and regulated by the state's Attorney General's Investor Protection Bureau. The following page shows you the qualifications for becoming a registered financial advisor in NY. https://www.financialplannerworld.com/new-york-advisor/ Financial advisors who also sell securities are licensed and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Once you find financial advisors to your liking you can check their qualifications at: https://adviserinfo.sec.gov/IAPD/Default.aspx Finding them is easy. Just google financial advisor with the name of your city and you'll find them. Then you can check them out with the state.