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  1. adjusterjack

    Unclaimed company property after termination

    So take the high road and bring them back yourself.
  2. adjusterjack

    Unclaimed company property after termination

    Oh, Jeez. Go deliver them to wherever you got them from. Otherwise you might get sued for them some day.
  3. adjusterjack

    What happens if the lessee......

    It depends on how the leasing company decides to report the default.
  4. adjusterjack

    Speeding ticket

    Which is why you got pulled over and cited.
  5. adjusterjack

    Private arbitration unconstitutional?

    The Tumey case had NOTHING to do with arbitration despite your use of the word "arbiter." Ironic that you are railing against arbitration but cite a CRIMINAL court trial to support your point. Tumey was convicted in a criminal trial and fined by the Mayor of North College Hill, Ohio for violation of Prohibition. The US Supreme Court reversed the conviction because the Mayor received part of the fine in addition to his salary. The court ruled that "No matter what the evidence was against him (Tumey), he had the right to have an impartial judge. He seasonably raised the objection, and was entitled to halt the trial because of the disqualification of the judge, which existed both because of his (the Mayor) direct pecuniary interest in the outcome and because of his official motive to convict and to graduate the fine to help the financial needs of the village." The case was remanded for further proceedings which would have required an impartial judge. https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/273/510/ It should be clear to you that even a judge in a civil or criminal court can be disqualified if he has a pecuniary interest in the outcome of the trial. Are you saying that the entire judicial system of the United States should be declared unconstitutional just because there is a possibility that a judge in a given set of circumstances may have a pecuniary interest in the outcome of a trial? That's what you appear to be saying about the arbitration system so why not add the country's judicial system into it as well since judges AND arbitrators can be subject to disqualification. Or can you be satisfied that the judicial system and the arbitration system both have checks and balances designed to disqualify judges and arbitrators when appropriate. Or will you just waste our time with more spurious and trollish argument?
  6. adjusterjack

    Wrong name on ticket

    I don't know what the process is in Georgia. You might be able to get that information on your traffic court's website or pay a visit to the court well in advance of your court date to find out how it works.
  7. adjusterjack


    It should say so on the summons and complaint at the top of the page. Probably county court but if there is no county court where you are it will be the circuit court. I was hoping for more than that. Derksen makes lots of portable buildings. Go to the website, find yours and come back with the price that you would have paid if you bought it for cash. https://derksenbuildings.com/ Then quote the numbered list of allegations word for word. It's a civil lawsuit. If you were subject to criminal prosecution you'd have known it a long time ago. If they get a judgment against you it can become a lien on your real estate and you would have to pay the judgment off if you were to sell or refinance. Along the way they can garnish your paycheck and levy your bank account. Going after personal property is complicated and costly so creditors rarely do that.
  8. adjusterjack

    Wrong name on ticket

    Tickets don't get dismissed due to mistakes on the ticket. The ticket is just your notice. What counts is the officer's notes about the stop. You might be able to use the mistake to bring doubt as to his credibility but that's a risk because the police are often wearing body cameras these days. Even if he got the information wrong it'll be your car and your face on the TV when he plays the recording. If you are eligible to take traffic school you are pleading guilty to do so if it's the process that gets the ticket dismissed when you finish the class. That way it stays off your driving record and away from your insurance company.
  9. adjusterjack


    Then you aren't in small claims court ($3500 limit). What kind of portable building was it? Did your summons instruct you to file an answer within a certain amount of time? Have you done so? Upload a copy of the complaint if you like. Redact any identifying information. Can't give you step-by-step legal advice but might be able to make helpful comments.
  10. adjusterjack

    Mysterious loss of ID

    Not a legal issue. Divorced people find hundreds of ways to antagonize ex spouses. Especially when there are minor children involved. It's up to you to decide whether you run around doing her bidding or say "You lost them, you figure out what to do about it."
  11. What does that mean? Did you file in court and serve them a summons and complaint or just give them written notice of termination of tenancy for cause in accordance with the Oregon landlord tenant statute? Never take legal advice from the enemy. Hire a lawyer. You obviously have no clue how to handle this.
  12. adjusterjack


    What evidence do you have of your notices to the company? What does your contract say about your responsibility? How much money are you being sued for?
  13. Contract law doesn't allow him to profit from your breach. If he gets a tenant right away you can sue him for the money less any days' rent and expenses of re-renting.
  14. It's not that simple. A lot depends on the exact terms and conditions of your lease as required by the following CA statute: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/fa...tionNum=1951.4. Read it and then check your lease for the appropriate provisions. California law doesn't take kindly to forfeitures but it does give a landlord the option of continuing to hold you responsible for the rent indefinitely and apply your deposit to unpaid rent if he complies with the statute. Keep in mind that it's not your opinion of whether your replacement is qualified it's the landlords qualifying requirements that are paramount as long as those requirements are reasonable. Also keep in mind that you'll be obliged to continue paying rent until the replacement is approved or you sublet the unit and retain responsibility for your tenant. In short, breaking a lease comes with consequences even in the best of circumstances and you could, effectively, lose your deposit and then some. The lesson learned here: Don't sign contracts and think you can just walk away from them unscathed.
  15. adjusterjack

    Wrong name on ticket

    Hard to tell. Probably very little as the officer wrote down your car description and license plate number and how about your driver license number. He probably made notes of everything you said. At any rate, you aren't likely to get very far denying that it was you but you might be able to cast doubt on his observational skills by insisting that you did stop and if he couldn't get your name, DOB and description right how can he be trusted to say whether you stopped or not. You really have nothing to lose by pleading not guilty and taking a shot at having your day in court. Unless you prefer traffic school (if eligible) and it all goes away.