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  1. adjusterjack

    Sub Rosa

    Were you receiving benefits? Were your benefits terminated because of something on the video? Something you were doing that you shouldn't have been able to do because of your disability? You have the tape? What does it show? All the insurance company needs is ten seconds of you doing something that you claimed that your injury prevents you from doing. Why do you think the unedited tape is going to help you?
  2. adjusterjack

    landlord responsibility

    Yeah, could have run out and bought a picnic ice chest and some ice to save the food with. Or taken it to a friend's house.
  3. adjusterjack

    Co sign

    Yeah, I can see that alternate scenario. But if Dave is on the title and Vickie is only co-signer on the loan, then Vickie would have no right to possess the car and would be guilty of Grand Theft Auto.
  4. adjusterjack

    landlord responsibility

    Wouldn't be covered unless the fridge was damaged by a power surge. Internal malfunction (wear and tear) is not a covered peril.
  5. adjusterjack

    Co sign

    Pretty sure the question was "How do I get out from under this obligation?"
  6. adjusterjack

    Co sign

    Who is "they"? If "they" are the people for whom you guaranteed the loan (yeah, that's what you did), it doesn't matter what they sign, you are still on the hook for the loan and whatever consequences the repo brings. The lender will sell the car, probably at a loss, and seek payment from you and the buyers and since the buyers obviously can't or won't pay, it will fall on you to pay. That's what co-signing a loan means, or didn't you realize that when you did it?
  7. adjusterjack

    Sc Code of Judicial conduct

    You've answered your own question. You file an appeal. But if you are waiting for a fee waiver before you can file then you haven't filed yet and you need to be aware of the deadline. When the judge issued the write of ejectment, what were his reasons? Quote them word for word.
  8. adjusterjack

    Sc Code of Judicial conduct

    Your post is incomprehensible. No offense, but if that's how you expressed yourself in court it's no surprise that you lost. All I can surmise is that you are being evicted from the park for not paying rent. If that's true then the rest of your post appears to be irrelevant.
  9. adjusterjack

    Parking lease increased by 66% Baltimore City

    How about a personal visit to the rental office with the lease and ask for it to be corrected while you sit there and wait? Then you can sign it on the spot and keep a copy.
  10. adjusterjack

    Parking lease increased by 66% Baltimore City

    Obviously your parking space is not a part of your dwelling lease since you signed a separate rental agreement for the parking space. Because you rent the parking space separately, it is not subject to any residential landlord tenant statutes or caps. You are free to find parking facilities elsewhere if you don't like the price. Maybe there is a nearby parking garage with better rates if you don't want to be fighting for a space on the street.
  11. adjusterjack

    notice to vacate

    Asked to leave? Why? Were you given written notice specifying why your occupancy is being terminated?
  12. adjusterjack

    EMERGENCY phone

    Have you had any such calls on that cell phone? If so, when? How many? How long did each one take? You can get all that from the phone. And when you compiled that information, totaled up the time, and asked your employer to pay you for that time, what did he say?
  13. adjusterjack

    my car , my home

    That was interesting enough to get me to look it up. Here's an article about the case: http://www.columbialegal.org/king-county-superior-court-rules-favor-seattle-resident-whose-vehicle-and-home-were-impounded-city And the judge's ruling. http://www.columbialegal.org/sites/default/files/Seattle_v_Long_Order.pdf Note that this took about 1 year and a half to litigate and that the ruling was at the trial court level. Decisions at a trial court level are generally not precedential for use in other cases though I suppose in the case of "societal ills" another judge might find it persuasive or reach a similar conclusion independently. Was there something you wanted to discuss about your case?
  14. adjusterjack

    my car , my home