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  1. My mom and sister (handicap) were kicked out of the house 8 years ago by my dad. My mom is still under the house deed. My dad left in July 2008 but then returned a week later to tell my mom to get out including my little sister. The reason she left was because she was afraid of him and what had just happened prior to him leaving the first time. My dad has had three heart attacks already and he has a nephew who thinks that after he passes away, he can take over the house. My mom wants to know if this is true? Or does she let my dad live in peace and then fight for her house afterward.
  2. I have full custody of my niece, who is my sisters daughter. In our paperwork here in TX it states that if and when I get a divorce my niece goes back to my sister. My sister is still not a fit parent and has not seen her as she is supposed to in the last seven months. I want to know what and how I can go about keeping custody of my niece due to my divorce being finalized in a few weeks.
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