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  1. I am a resident of Washington state. In the past year and 1/2 I have been diagnosed and being treated for Rumatoid Arthritis. as well as Fibromyalgia. Both diseases are painful and unpredictable. I have been sent home from work do to asking to be moved to another position with in my area (I am cross trained, versatile, as well as I have have written the majority of the processes in my facility). I went to the Dr. as my employer told me to do, I returned with restrictions as requested. I was informed later the same day that my employer was unable to accommodate my restrictions. My HR rep informed me that I was eligible for a short term disability. I applied, received and have returned to work. I have been back to work under new restrictions for shy of 2 weeks. Today I was in a position that was causing swelling and pain (this was within my restrictions). Following my instructions to inform my superior that I was in pain I was soon sent home yet again. (This is how the whole process began, requesting to be moved to a different position due to pain) I currently have a Dr. appt set up to review my restrictions in 2 days. I will not be able to work until after the appt and I return with new restrictions. My question is: since I am capable to do many other positions with in my dept and my employer insists that I have to do the one position that is painful for me ( there are at least 12 other positions I could rotate through in my dept) would this fall into a claim category?
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