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  1. hahaha Oh lawdy I'm dying Its a side effect LOL No the feces is not actually Mine. But the Infectious Disease Doctor got a referral from my boyfriends PCP. Instead of allowing him a visit, he looked at a picture (and he asked for one,) then he said nope nothin therem Blah blah blah. WTH? A veterinarian says they are tape worms and a naturopath Doctor said they were tapeworms. The picture shows a Biofilm infection caused by non treatment. of the parasites after a year.And the manner in which you spoke to me was what I was referring to. But your entitled. I am saying .The Labs made mistakes The Doctor, all 4 of them, did no physical exam nothing. No blood tests, I know its hard to believe. I brought specimen for them to visually see but they were not getting close to that ziplock. Its just crazy. LMAO about the picture comments. Might need that as proof these things make ya crazy. Thanks for the help . Not I believe Labs can be sued for mistakes but Ill have to Lawyer up, if I can find one that doesn't need 30,000 or a big money case to be "Worth" his or her time. I realize your agendas( if your even an attorney) is to win big. My agenda is to get better and not be sick cause I did not get the help I desperately keep seeking. They are, indeed different, why mine is less important?.People are greedy, Well nice to meet ya sleep well every night
  2. Well its an entitlement they somehow deserve, rather than letting someone polite reply while they move on .So just be intimidated.LOL
  3. Well gee, that explains why some jerk here was rude to me on my very first post. I was, and am under great emotional strain and obviously turned here as a desperate attempt to get help (But apearently, I have to be savy enough to possess the terminology to explain a legal claim) But since being rude is an Entitlement, I would rather not ask for help. Last time I checked though Errors, like losing specimens in medical labs was reason for suit and a different entitlement, being a victim and all.
  4. Oh how I wish I was wrong. I actually went through a stage of disbelief. I discovered a worm in the toilet after I used it then started visually checking. The infectious disease Doctor stated via email I was wrong, that he and 3 colleagues looked at the pictures he requested of me and they were not worms(Parasites) and the type of Parasites I suggested, they were (Tape worms, flukes) can't live in humans past a certain stage. I have all that correspondence. He then declined to see me, because the pictures I emailed were enough for him to send my referring doctor a report I was parasite free. I have since had a veterinarian and a naturopath doctor confirm they are indeed tapeworm and I am most likely muliti infected with round worm as well. It is humiliating to say the least and people look at me like I am crazy and I have had medical professionals imply that only i street people who are without sanitary habits and restroom facilities have these problems. They are contagious and perhaps I picked them up in a public Restroom. This according to the veterinarian who states fleas can transmit them as well. Anyway thanks for your reply. I need to do something soon. I am getting weaker by the day. God Bless
  5. I am new to this forum. as far as asking advice, You are rude though that explains your moronic statement about unsolicited fecal sample. I have no doubt you can crap on demand since your full of it. The samples were so the Doctor could visually see the tapeworm segments and eggs, The lab test he ordered took the sample I brought because he told me to take it to them to use, it was 6 hours old and Medical guidelines and Lab protocol is sample must be brought in within an hour of Bowell movement, Alspo in sterile container from packet Lab should have given me with the Doctors order, but they took a sample I had that was 6 hours old, The Lab lost the second sample I brought that was done correctly, And you must be pretty special if you know every doctor you seek out for a second opinion, There's a name for your condition, but I am aware of the foul language policy,.My medical History is right in front of the Doctors since it is within the sane system, but my PCP Retired, Establishing new PCP care is quite common Bonehead and one would hope my medical history is there in the systen at the clinic across from the Hospital I have been seen at for the last 30 years, No doubt everyone recognizes you and heads the other way though. Thank you for pointing out one of the symptoms of Parasitic disease which does effect ones ability to be lucid. I'm more concerned about your situation though. What will you use for a face when the Baboon wants his ass back? LOL Thanks for the laugh, You can never have the time back you gave me, glad it was well wasted. LOL
  6. Thank you I have seen 4 doctors on 4 separate occasions. I understand I need a diagnosis, I live in a town of 12,000. Its not that easy to convince a doctor the standard Ova test will not show these parasites and his colleagues, including an infectious disease Dr. 100 miles away, did not follow Protocol, nor did the lab that didn't lose our 2 samples, collect the samples correctly I have tried get my 69 yrs Boyfriends. Doctor to listen but he gets very frustrated and sternly tells "They are not worms." But Thanks again I appreciate your time. The answers are always see a Doctor which is where I began this journey, but none are educated about parasites,
  7. Why is it I cannot hold these medical professionals, responsible for their failure to diagnose and treat me for a parasite infection. I have gone too, two emergency rooms, and two different Physicians in clinics, with no help at all. I can't get a referral to a infectious disease Dr. Because the regular doctors look at me like I'm crazy I have brought stool samples of my own, they clearly show parasites, but the doctors don't even get close to plastic bags I bring. The doctors make me feel humiliated, and ashamed and it is not my fault. They have never taken blood, but there is a test, even the CDC is aware of that will show the presence of parasites,yet the doctors tell me there is no blood test. They have taken stool samples, but they order the wrong test. I have suggested to them the correct test that has to be taken oftentimes at least three times with different stool and they just ignore me. The type of parasites that I have are clearly visible, but I cannot get the Dr. to actually look. My boyfriend's Dr. Did look but he immediately said that the worms were not worms they were food. He did give my boyfriend and referral, but the infectious disease Dr. Instructed me to e-mail the picture that you see here, and his reply e-mail which I have, says they are not worms and worms cannot live in humans for more than two days. This was an infectious disease Dr. Folks. I have had a natural path Dr. and a veterinarian look at the same pictures and say they are indeed parasites. So if an infectious disease Dr. Can diagnose over the Internet of the picture and his colleagues can concur, resulting in once again getting no treatment, why are they not held responsible for being wrong. When I do get the proper diagnosis why can't they be sued? Why does a lab get away with messy work mishandling and losing specimens? Why can't I find an Atty. Why does someone have to be sick on their deathbed? How is it the doctors get away with this? I am not crazy I know what I have and their killing me, I have $500 to pay an Atty. yet I can't find one to take my case because there's not enough money in it. The emotional toil that I have been going through alone should be compensated. Wider doctors and attorneys get to set minimums before you can even get any help, Parasites were very prevalent in Americans not too many years ago. They mass treated the schools and children. Well guess what these worms are immune to meds that they formerly prescribed, a pandemic will have to start before I give any help. The labs were careless they mishandled specimens the doctors didn't do their jobs they need to be sued,
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