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  1. Maybe to try to make it clearer. One is convicted of some kind of rape. They do time in the state prison. They get out on parole. They finish the parole. NOW the police decide what they can do in their every day life ? No camera. No pictures. The restrictions as if one was a sex offender ? (I think in Connecticut the sex offender thing lasts 10 years) Complaints ? This I assume is normal police complaints by citizens. If the suspect is never questioned/consulted how can they be aware of anything. Complaints a secret ? If they murdered 10 people and did the time..finshed the parole. YES IT IS ON THEIR RECORD. The police have the right to tell everybody there are more murder complaints forever whether true or false with no option to make such information public ?
  2. hmmm I smell the hatred...anything nude=sex=terrible crime. post#2... they are the police the police took the camera the police threaten I am told I have endless complaints against me BUT I know of none. I am not a sex offender I believe in Connecticut the judge makes the final decision but it was never discussed. ya know I have saved allot of souls by telling them NO NO NO to things like skinny-dipping at swimming spots, etc. I recall when in Los Angeles at the beaches clothing was optional. gzzzz get sick of looking at naked people.. Europe ? I simply do not think ANY nude person is a total creep and a threat to society. Me ? Reflections. I was deep in the woods and somebody complained. I thought was clothed. Putting hatred aside it seems to me any crime when the sentence is finished they do not have any rights to bury the subject ? I know it still exists on ones record unless that is removed. BUT still thraeted like they are on probation or parole ? and the police are the probation/parole officers ? The police are free to dictate ones existance. I could be wrong but the last thing you want in this state is to go to trial and not accept a plea. Who pays for a trial ? public defenders just plea bargain police reports accurate ? In court there was somebody arrested for taking a p at night somewhere and the descriptions was so ridiculous one knows it was faked. A long sexual description of the p process. One might olook to the origins of these laws ? repeat murfer and mutilation of children after getting out of prisons again and agian ?????????????????????????????? .
  3. About 4 years ago I was arrested for being nude/naked way back in the woods somewhere. Somebody complained. I still say I was NOT but I had to plead gulity. Had to ? options ? The ploce lied and it was all 'the complainer'. OK. Now I am hated. I served no time..no fine... probation misdeamenor that ended early... Connecticut...indecent exposure and something else... In 2014 the local police continue to threaten me and treat me as a sex offender. I never was one and the case did not involve any children. I am threatened to not go to the beach..not go here..not go there... I am questioned with no legal represerntation. They tell me there are endless complaints against me. Kind of odd so many complaints and I am never consulted. Do not police go after something in original complaint ? I think it is now by sitting in a parked car I am up to some lewd portfolio. I took some pictures at the beach and my camera was seized and pictures deleted. I am told there are minors at the beach. Damn. I am sick of their perverted questions. As much as I am hated (again !!!) there is/was never anything to do with children. I am on Social Security Disability and resources very limited. I apply for housing and what to they tell the other towns when they do the police check ? o-I served my time/crime BUT I continue to walk around naked even though there have been no arrests. It just seems to me something has gone beyond 'legal procedure'. ???????????? .
  4. Connecticut My father died 2011. No will found. Mother survived. She was whisked away to an Assisted Living Facility by her daughter. Her daughter used her money to hire lawyers to have her declared incompetent. The probate Court issued an independent conservator. My mother not a happy camper just died. Again if any will not found. She leaves behind some bank accounts and owned property. ME -- A 'SON' has been receiving Disability Benefits has chronically lived in her house and still does. -- Yes..he took advantage of the assistance with those limited disability checks.. SO WHAT IS NEXT ?? Does the conservatorship of my mother end with her death ? or when the final estate is settled ? What happens to the son on a Disability Check who has been still living in her house ? (and did chronically when both parents were alive) Nobody to pay the bills ? (honestly a disability check does not cover the expenses of their parents suburban property/house) Despite the fact the living situation is going going gone is it an immediate eviction ? Even the car used was put in parents name to save on insurance costs. Otherwise the situation is not a joke.(you lazy bum) There are serious medical issues involved.
  5. Connecticut I have posted about an ongoing 'thing' but I don't think people like long rambling posts. My father died. My sister kidnapped (wording ?) my mother and put her in a maximum security locked Assisted Living. My sister filed in Probate Court to have her declared incompetent. I attended the hearing. My comments were very basic. If declared if such have it be done by a facility besides the institution which seems to like her money. ya know..be sure...independent doctors and not just a doctor my sister got her to go to. The Probate Court just accepted the above without any new material. My mother is 92. What can you argue ? I just have to listen to the constant -- please get me out !!! I want to go back to my home !!! Medically she is fine but they scored her on some Alzheimer's as some dementia partial. ya know...progressing where it might be serious in 15 years The Probate Court appointed an 'independent Conservator' of her.... The argument was the children do not agree so... A lawyers office. The wife of the lawyer acts as Conservator. OK. Independent ? This person only listens to this sister and talks to other children as if they were dogs.(bad dogs) A person on Social Security Disability has resided in my mothers house for years. It was simply a matter of it is hard to live on a disability check and YES the parents address was support for those problems. (hold off the jokes..the person IS ill) The only initial comment by the Conservator was : I do not care about this person..just their mother... Soon comes the what the sister wants. Sell the address FAST. Get rid of any occupants FAST. The owner (my mother) is 92 so she will be dead soon anyway. The person on disability has been subjected to endless ABUSE. Orders to do everything on earth in impossible times. Impossible demands. Then come the verbal threats. Literally threatened with arrest 24/7 if you do not do this and that. IF YOU TELL THE PROBATE COURT you will be arrested. The Probate judge hates you anyway. Now demands to pay all the expenses of the property. (impossible) My mother still has plenty of money left and prior to being declared in-competent told the children she wants to hold onto her house/property for awhile and DO NOT WORRY. Does this disabled person have any options ? Under present circumstances they will be dead. Literally. I would assume this is the name of the game. They medically have problems and need support. To me despite opinions it is sickening to observe a Conservator cracking jokes 23/7 over anybody receiving disability benefits. I am sure some are lazy but ---------------- My mother another issue. The disabled person chronically residing at her residence ? The Conservator can totally change the terms of living to get them out fast or dead ? You can not fight this sister. She spreads herself around 'as a messenger from God' and dupes everybody with her facts mixed with fiction. I think the game is she lives in a very conservative area and it works. It works here !!! If one believes in God and such I assure you this person is nothing but EVIL..of coarse if you believe such exists... Options for disabled person ? It is impossible for them to pay the total costs of upkeep of the estate whereas in the past they did live there for 'support' and paid minimal expenses. A Conservator that threatens people with arrest 24/7 ? Can you believe this is the wife of the new Town Attorney ?
  6. I thought in Connecticut if bank stuff was over 100k some portion goes direct to children. I think that is if accounts were in just one name. (?) I see one account that has 50k in just my fathers name but most other data has been hijacked away. I just get this because I am living at their address and still get the postal mail. (plus was here chronically when all were alive) Life insurance policies have been cashed real fast under 'a big secret'. I think my father was scrooge and never thought about after death stuff or descendents. I can bicker but lumps are lumps and somebody needs to just move on. I saw one policy a couple years ago that was some minor thing and the benefits on a list went to my mother and if she was dead to me and if I was dead my brother. No mention of my sister at all. BUT again everything processed as a big secret as my mother has been a constant captive. grrr..she was even in some place up Vermont. The only thing that changed there was I filed a complaint with the State Police and like 'instant' she was removed back to Connecticut. (I now see some of mothers funds to pay for a lawyer in St. Johnsbury,Vt. and of coarse the check by my sister) Maybe there needs to be protection from me..the crook.... I have no history of using their money without permission, etc. As to wills I started to think of the last places my father was prior to death. Places usually ask: Do you have a will or ? I do not know. If he said YES..well..NO..well...I can't access the info without my mother. A legal process to me is necessary. Maybe not if 4 children sat down and were honest. Then who decides what is best for somebody ? There are other issues. Conservatorship. (sp?) If this sister applies and granted.....what a thought... Even my younger sister who always agrees with the other one told me she would never agree on that vs. independent. (unless she is total fiction also) Best interest of my mother. I can think of options besides the present that she would be 100x more happy. In-competent. The facility has their in-house doctors so ? If they get their money ? I as of yet have seen nothing saying 'in-competent' but what is anybody over age 92 ? All I can observe is she still has a brain and everybody else in this locked ward is brain dead. o--name was attached to bank accounts after her husband died. She was told it was to help her to consolidate money. Actually her hearing aid and glasses vanished and they drove around doing this stuff. I have verbal recordings but I knew not the laws. No good for anything without permission. I got some recording up in Vermont that was legal and it shows not much but my mother was not aware all her stuff was hijacked. Thanks all. I wish I could help her but how do you get anything legal when she is locked up. (?) She at least needs an independent review of everything.
  7. Connecticut Can one please bear with me even if I am hard to understand ?? My father died. If there was a will it is gone. (stolen) My mother survives and I assume inherits most. (bank accounts/house/property) There are 3 children besides me. (I am number 4) I have been living in their house and have been on Disability Benefits. One child kidnaps (wrong wording but ?) my mother and starts placing her in Assisted Living Facilities against her will. A million lies and excuses and why she can not return to her home. All bank accounts mysteriously end up with this evil childs name attached to them. My mother does not know anything except she was told 'to help consolidate bank accounts' after my father died. She is now in an Assisted Living Facility locally. She is behind locked doors. The facility will not even allow somebody to take her out. To me it is the saddest thing I ever saw in my life. She lives there in a place where everybody is totally brain dead but yet she is the only person left with a functioning brain. She just cries and begs to get out. She was put there with a statement ---------- pending Power of Attorney'.. (pending ?) I have tried to help and battle on her side. I finally figured out why all the big big problems. Her money is being used to dig her grave. She is paying for attorneys out of her money by this one child. No permission. No Power of Attorney, etc. I never thought this was normal. Hijack somebodies money. Kidnap them. Use their money for lawyers to commit them forever. Is there any defense ?? !!! Any way I can help her ?? -- and yes..I hear about Assisted Living and how they all 'want to get out' and all that stuff.... I just can not believe the 'no legal process'. 3 other children that know nothing about what is/has been going on. Not even an application for Probate' anything...
  8. My o My. I did not know most my sentences were broken non sentences. >>>>>>>>>>>> It is incredibly common for elderly persons to give these responsibilities to others. No "independent review" is required.It is incredibly common for elderly persons to give these responsibilities to others. No "independent review" is required.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The above seems to be the case and no legal process can be found. I mean something like power of attorney and similar.. What to me is wrong is she is not aware her assets are being zapped and she thinks all is well with this person. She is not even aware she is taken to a doctor to be declared incompetent. When people can not see or hear (mostly deaf and eyes very bad) it is easy to con them into anything. What they do hear is mostly all lies and fiction and naturally they think it is wonderful truth. I called the Vermont State Police once and I think all they did was check her status over the phone and that was it. ooooooooooo that got my sister going. She drove her to Connecticut FAST !!! 4 children. 3 think she is under a con game. 3 have no idea what is going on except they can see her assets being zapped.
  9. When is a person incompetent ? My father died (no will found) and my sister kidnapped (wording?) my mother and has kept her captive for a few months. No access by any of the family. (there are four children) Captive ? Even drove her out of state and left her. She is almost age 92 and getting kind of funny upstairs. I don't think she is incompetent but yet she has been held captive for months with an attempt to 'totally mix her up'. All financial stuff has my sisters name on it now. (cars/house/property/bank accounts) Sure. Unless 3 of he children are on her 'bad list' one is supposed to believe this is voluntary ? I can find no legal process anywhere. I think the latest is she was taken to a doctor who agreed she needs 'assisted living' and is suffering from Alzheimers.(sp?) Now she has been put in some 'assisted living' home and my sister is selling everything. Even disconnected her home phone. ok...complete hijacking of a person and their assets and no legal process ? If she agreed to any of this matter and she is incompetent ? Can incompetent people make sound decisions ? Sure..give everything to ...................................................... Somebody can take over everything from finances/health care by holding them captive for months and driving them into total mixup ? Would it not be logical to have something/somebody 'INDEPENDENT' review and make decisions ? I'm just baffled. How can one person take over everything and even get them incompetent ? Something is very wrong here. She is not even aware her house and property and cars and bank accounts are gone. Nobody told her. Now she has been placed in some nursing home type operation because she is incompetent. I know nobody can follow me here but in short. ?????????????????????? Kidnap somebody age 92. Hold them hostage for a few months. Make every attempt to drive them 'nuts'. Take all assets. Finally get them put into some facility over finding the right doctor.
  10. Connecticut I don't see a 'button' to reply here.(to answers) I have been living in a house on a suburban location. My parents. I have been on a disability check so a 'thank you'. I tried to live my own life but take a guess who ended up doing most the work around the place in their later years. (?) My father at 93 was still mentally brilliant. He caught pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. Weak later a nursing home. He was doing wonderful and then he had some ulcer in stomach go and needed surgery there. He was afterwards never right. The idiot would not eat. He still had a brain but would not eat. He died from not eating. 2 months in the hospital. I visit and run across my older sister on the cell phone non-stop cracking negative jokes about everybody and how she is going to con 'the money' out of him..her mother..etc. hey..the guy is still alive... Sort of dis-respectful or ? I don't know. He dies and within a couple days she starts driving my mother around to stores, etc. (she was no longer a driver) Old fashioned she got her to get used to writing old-fashioned checks. Next I know she offered her a 'walk down to the beach' and some other sweet things. That was the ride out of state to Northern Vermont to be left there. (I recorded the conversation-even notes her eye glasses were lost and hearing aid) Soon I find out all bank accounts also had her name on them. Cars were transferred to her. I presume the house and property. 4 children and nobody knows what is going on but one ? All financial records are stripped from the house. Mailing addresses of record are changed. Still living at the old address (me) the complaints start rolling in. ya know..various agencies of the town...police, etc. Total harassment but kind of rough for peace and tranquility ? I took a long ride up to Northern Vermont to visit my mother. I was warned not to return her to her home/property. I have not yet. I asked about financial matters and whether she granted permission to anybody. On a recording she seems to say no but she is totally confused but does insist that her 2 sons are not cut out of anything. Otherwise seems to say NO. Confused ? Confused enough that she would never just sign things over to somebody. Today I visited her bank in Connecticut to try to discuss the affairs. I just met a joke. I myself have cashed checks from this bank to myself FOR HONEST THINGS. (hey...the food cost 59 cents) I had the recording but nobody was interested. Today I was threatened if I spent any of her money for upkeep of the house/property it would be a violation of my Social Security check. (or other things disabled people get) I simply have never seen something hijacked so complete and total so fast. 4 children and one ? Every effort was made to make her insane while her husband was in the hospital. I am hardly sane anymore from affairs. From phone calls endless with insanity on them to a billion other things out of some dirty trick book. And NOW...there is a question of the sanity of this almost 92 year old person !!! To me it is kind of sad and to observe the extreme elder abuse. BUT nobody is interested------------------- I have many recordings but I guess they are not even legal. The last one has on it -- is it ok the be recorded, etc. ?? This is a professional. A registered nurse and a new husband that has a life history of people dieing and probate stuff. All the angles where everybody worships them. If you believe in religion it must be said YOU JUST MET THE DEVIL. Everything a lie and cheat and back stabbing. From what I have seen the bank accounts and assets were in my mothers and fathers name. He dies so who has the money ? (guess) Mother kept hostage in Vermont. She went there for a temporary trip. (to her knowledge) She thinks she is returning. She wants to return. It's on paper in letters and recordings, etc. Power of Attorney ? I was just wondering how all assets could so easily be transferred to one child. The local probate office has no legal anything over her or my sister. Harassment ? I'm still living on property of my mothers. hmmm my sisters now... Get out !!!! I'm sure if something was really wrong with the place or my habits the police would have made some arrest. Last time here they came to see if I was ok. (!!!!!!!) Restraining orders ? Can such be obtained vs. the property owner and contact ? I doubt it. I commented if one believes in religeon I have gotta have met the DEVIL. (if I survive maybe it will get me back to church ?) This stuff is just EVIL. All you hear is one story -- mine. I know this. To sort out the 'evil' is it me that desires a total independent review the bad one ? I feel if there are 4 children all should at least know what is going on even though not in agreement. One child suck everything with no consultation of the other children ? Money causes it all I'd guess. If I ever got 25% probably the bill collectors would take it all anyway. Me after money ? geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz who could even care anymore !!!!!! This nonsense is not even worth it. Yes. Stupid me just move on !!!! I live in a place and in at least later years who does all the work ? Who handles financial stuff with honesty ? An outsider from 2000 miles away hijacks everything and everywhere you scream they are 'gods' and nobody is interested. I know nobody can follow this post BUT FINAL QUESTION ??????????? Would a Conservatorship open the 'thing' for independent review ??? I think it is $60 in Connecticut to file but I don't know further bag of worms. Somebody said Administrator ?? Before this is history I would beg for 'independent review'. I presume if there was any money the above would eat it up. Independent review. Real doctors. As of now a person held in Northern Vermont thinking they are just visiting. They want to come home to their house. All they get are excuses. What is so scary about real medical tests and expert opinions ? I mean the person has Medicare and my fathers pension plan for medical insurance. What is so scary about 'independent opinions and reviews' ??. If at 92 the person is whacky' beyond help an independent review ?
  11. Connecticut I am just about dead. My father died at 93 and seems he left no will. My mother survives. 4 children. One still lives at the address receiving a Social Security Disability check. (me) Money !!!! The oldest sister arrives. She strips the house of all financial information. She even kidnaps my mother and takes her to another state and leaves her there, (her age almost 92) All bank accounts get her name added to them. I have seen maybe $200,000 vanish. I find no 'power of attorney' locally but --- I have been living at the address for a long time and was trusted by my mother and father. Everything just hijacked ??? !!!!! I scream all I can but nobody is interested. The joke I have been told is probate stuff costs money so ??? !!!!! I have become a victim of day by day harassment. Complaints to virtually every part of town government. Complaints to the police department. Almost daily. No arrests yet but ?? Last police visit was to check if I was not going to commit suicide. I am threatened constant. Every aspect of life I am threatened. If one does not understand the reality is that every complaint needs following through. The police get a complaint and they have to follow it up. I am threatened not to visit my mother who was kidnapped out of state. Do not return her !!!! (just for one out of endless) The party which consists of my oldest sister married somebody who has seemed to build a life on peoples deaths and their probate stuff. I ask for help everywhere. Nothing. Agency on Aging and that stuff. Nothing. Deceive and Lie to get an elderly person to get in a car and drive her to another state ? Threatened ??? I am not supposed to make one peep about affairs going on. (that besides daily harassment) Today my Social Security Disability was threatened. By email. o---it sounds sweet like somebody is trying to help !!! professional Audits, Assets... reasons I can not try to maintain the residence, etc. etc. This is no way to live. It is better to be dead. A family of mother/father. Father dies,. Property/House. Some bank accounts. One child chronically lives there on disability. Mother is kidnapped. All financial stuff is hijacked and changed. Even cars now have another address. Power of Attorney can not be found. Just for sanity before death did anybody ever hear of any kind of restraining order to stop the harassment ? How to proceed ?
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